About Me

"... Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down.  And I liked to take a minute, just sit right there, and tell you how I became the AG triathlete I am ... "

In 2005 I was on a 10 day business trip in Memphis for work.  Before leaving, my now ex-fiance made me a care package to take with me on the trip.  It included snacks, a card and 3 magazines.  The magazines were BusinessWeek, The Economist, and Triathlete Magazine.  Now I am pretty sure that she had never heard of triathlons before this time, and I can tell you that I had never heard of them either, including the famed Ironman, the only thing most average people can stick the sport of triathlon to.  It was the annual summer Xterra issue that comes out every year.  I did read everything else she gave me, including the card, but I think I read the magazine three times while I was in Memphis.  When I came home I had already made up my mind that I was going to sign up for a triathlon.  There was one in Peachtree City (about 45 min South of Atlanta), and it was about 9-10 weeks away.  I figured why the hell not???

Late August came and went, and I finished my first Triathlon, Tri - PTC!!!  I think I made almost every mistake in the book, but I did not have a busted tire and I was able to finish, which was the most important part of the race.  Since then 6 race seasons have come and gone, and I have competed at every distance at least one time, and these races have taken me almost all over the United States (for some reason I can never make it up to the Northeast).  I completed my first half-iron distance (Gulf Coast Triathlon, barely ;) in 2006, my first Olympic in 2007, and first iron-distance race (IMCDA) in 2009.  For those of you just joining me, I have been going on with this blog since 2006.  In 2008 and 2009, I had a lot happen in my life and I kind of fell off the blogging and triathlon bandwagon (except for getting ready for IMCDA), but now I am back!

In real life, because triathlon is not (unless you are a pro of course ;) I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Georgia.  I am now working to complete my Master's in Professional Accountancy this August from Georgia State University.  After that I will further pursue my career goals of getting my CPA certification and then onto bigger and better accounting things!  I have lived in or around Atlanta for most of my life, Athens for my undergrad, and I even have spent a few years outside Burbank, CA and a summer in Big Sky, MT.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about me!  Please check back here from time to time as I may actually update this link.  Also for some additional enjoyment, here are the ABC's of me!

A:  Age - 30, but my birthday is on April 11th, so this will be soon to change!

B:  Bed Size - Queen.  For the longest time I had the same bed (twin) until I was about 27.  Lame I know.  Made things interesting... :)

C:  Chores you Dislike - I don't necessarily dislike doing any chores, but the one I hate the most has to be the bathroom.  The frequency, the time, and how gross things can get if you let them get out of hand.  Also breathing in those chemicals every few weeks seems to do a number on my brain for that day.  I need to look into organic chemicals.

D:  Dogs - Currently do not own any dogs.  My most recent dog was a Maltese by the name of Bert

E:  Essential Start to the Day - My alarm, then water, then shower (unless I am going to work out), usually in that order.

F:  Favorite Colour -  I used to be an artist so I cannot say that I have a favorite colour, but if I was to look at all of my belongings and see what color I have the most of, it would most likely be blue.

G:  Gold or Silver - I have both, however I don't wear jewelry anymore.

H:  Height - 5'9" by the doctor's measurements.

I:  Instruments you play(ed) - None, ever... But I am awesome at Rock Band!

J:  Job Title - Billing Analyst for a global teleconferencing/meeting solutions firm.

K:  Kids - None.

L:  Live - Atlanta, GA (For those of you who know of this place, I live in the Buckhead area)

M:  Mom's Name - Christine (goes by Chris)

N:  Nicknames - Andy, Murtha, ... don't really have any.

O:  Overnight Hospital Stays - None!

P:  Pet Peeves - Lots of them!  My worst are stupid drivers and ones that are stupid while on their cellphone.  There are at least a dozen people going to and from work each way that I am convinced would fail their driving exam if they would take it again today.

Q:  Quote from a Movie -(could not think of a quote...)
Phil:  "Listen, we fucked up.  We lost Doug."
Tracey:  "What?  We are getting married in five hours."
Phil:  "Yeah... That's not gonna happen."                      -The Hangover, 2009 

R:  Righty or Lefty - Righty, but I can use both feet in football (soccer).

S:  Siblings - 2 sisters, both younger than me

T:  Time you wake up - Training mornings around 5:15am, non training mornings about 6:45am

U:  Underwear - Yes ;)

V:  Vegetables you don't like -  Beets and Squash

W:  What makes you run late - I am not late... unless I have people with me who are late.  I usually like to be 5-10 min early to everything.  Oh, well sometimes training has made me late for things.

X:  X-Rays you have had - Stomach, Mouth, Left Knee

Y:  Yummy food you  make - Lots of things, I am the cook in the family and I am planning on nabbing all of the recipes for myself in the will.  My favorites are usually traditional Irish dishes and I also like to cook up a mean stir fry every now and again.  Meat and Potatoes kinda guy.

Z:  Favorite Zoo Animal - Pandas!