Sunday, April 24, 2011

Respite, Respite!!!

Where the heck have I been?!?!?

Good question!  I just finished my last final exam this past Thursday.  And I am happy to announce I did not make anything less than a 91 on any final I took this semester (I actually made a 99 on my Advanced Accounting final).  Best case scenario this semester, A+, 2 A's, and a B+.  Worst case scenario 3 A's and a B+.  Not to shabby I will take it!  Especially since the beginning of the semester was less than par with my first couple of exams.  As of Friday I have 10 days without classes, and I rewarded myself with a 4 day weekend from work!  So I have dubbed this weekend, "Murtha's Mini Camp."  I will post updates either beginning tonight or tomorrow.  Got in one workout on Saturday (did too little in the workout dept, and too much in the drinking/socializing dept), and two workouts today. 

I have less than three weeks left till Peachtree International Triathlon, and I am gonna sign up here for West Point Lake Triathlon in the next week or so.  I have nothing dubbed for mid June through September as that is going to be billed as my build phases.  My half-iron distance race is not till the first week of October, which will kick off my taper for IMFL. 

The bike injury is pretty much healed, I am switching from Neosporin to Mederma on my wounds since they are technically healed, now to get the scarring to go down.  I also am trying to complete a 10 pound loss in 30 days.  The kicker is that I am not using a scale.  I know that sounds silly, but I look at it in a Brett Sutton way (except it is weight loss instead of training).  If I just focus on the things that I need to be doing rather than looking at the scale every day, then the results will take care of themselves.  And if I don't lose the weight by race time, I will at least have lost some, and I still have much more time to go before I get to IMFL.  So no biggie, but it will be a plus if it does happen :)

How have you guys been doing?  I have not really had any time to read any blogs or post any race results and stuff that has been going on in the tri world.  I also have another big announcement that I will post sometime this week. 

Lastly, my birthday was on April 11th.  I was working on a post prior to my birthday and it was composed of things that I wanted to accomplish before my birthday next year.  It is past my birthday, but these things still apply, so I am going to post them anyways, and then probably have a permalink at the top of my blog to track my progress over the next year.  Once again, they would be great to achieve, but if not, no biggie :)

Things I want to accomplish in the next 12 months (or that should be completed within the next 12 months)

-Graduate with my Master's of Professional Accountancy (should happen in August barring any major issues)
-Obtain my CPA certification (Yay!  Another round of exams that will be the hardest of my life :)
-Either move to the accounting department at my current firm or move to a public accounting firm.
-Take a real damn vacation!  I go back and think about it, and I have not taken a "real vacation" since probably 2007.  This means no holiday, family, triathlon weekends, 3/4 day weekend, etc.  I mean a whole week somewhere, preferably outside of the country!!!!
-Complete Rev3 Anderson Half
-Complete Ironman Florida and kick the crap out of my IMCDA '09 time (should not be hard since there are no hills!)
-Be in a position to begin hitting top 10 or better in my AG at smaller races, qualify for AG Nationals in 2012, and be in a position to possibly qualify for Kona/Lake Las Vegas in either 2012/13.
-Meet new tri friends and blogging buddies :)
-Have fun and enjoy life!!!  The most important one of all :D

I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter weekend regardless of your religious affiliations!