Monday, December 29, 2008

25 weeks to go!!!

Now I realize why it pays to work at the bank (actually I knew all along)...

Bank holidays! Sure all you guys in corporate America get flexible schedules around your 9-5, can go wherever you want to for lunch, are not locked down to your office every day, and more importantly... Don't have to work SATURDAYS! But when it comes to federal holiday season (October-February), I have it made! I Basically worked 3 days last week, and I will only work 3 days this week, and I am not even taking any vacation for it.

More training for me!!!

Saturday was brutal! I thought I only ran 12 miles with James, however it was 14.5 miles, longer than I have ever run before, and I did it in about 2:10 somewhere (neither of us had watches but we looked at the car clock when we left and came back. Legs hurt like hell! I also saw at the pool about 2500M before Patsy got back in town, so I was not doing a late night workout when she got back in town from her Dad's place. Sunday was spinning on the bike inside, as the weather was nasty.

Gotta work both jobs today (actually at number two right now) so my spin at home tonight will be late. This week will be great for training, as I have Tue night off, then all day Wed, Thu, Sat and Sunday off! Sweet! I already have my schedule down for both jobs and my training so I know what I am to do every day, which is what i should have been doing months ago! That is ok, I will be just fine!

How are all of you doing lately?

I need to post some on y'all blogs this week so that you realize I exist again and bring back the blog stalking once again : )

Well it is off to greet customers on the floor, and more work to do!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby Steps to take the "Big Step"


Lets just not kid ourselves into thinking I am actually going to do this everyday! Clearly my life is too busy to be a rampant blogger and blogger stalker like I was 2 years ago. However, I can spend at least once a week to update my blog (and actually update the site as well, hell there are alot of new tools out there, and I don't even know what half of them are).

Workouts have been going well overall except for the fact I have missed a few here and there, as well as a few of them I have had to cut back on. Currently I am trying to get over some sinus stuff, and if I am not better by Monday, it is to the doctor for anitbiotics, I need to get better, or I cannot train properly. This weekend is going to be a big weekend once I get off work tonight (restaurant) and (bank) tomorrow at noon. Plan my ride tommorrow, and then Sunday hit up a 12 mile run or so (don't forget to splash some swimming in there as well ; ).

So... Let's be honest... I am still having a bit of trouble with getting stuff done with this Ironman, especially in two areas... documenting/planning the event and training, AND the time concept of how far away the event really is. James and I have this conversation every week when we see each other, but it still does not sink in. Add to that time is moving faster and faster the closer we get to the event, and it is a recipie for trouble. Kinda like gettting ready for a wedding. So I spent some time this week getting stuff back down on PAPER!! No fancy spreadsheets, no programs, etc, just paper and pen. (Yeah I do the NY Times crossword..... in PEN!) I also signed up for the ING Georgia Marathon (notice how they name it with every city name but Atlanta, like we are not big enough). That is 14 weeks away from this weekend I figure that is just over halfway to the final event (IMCDA). I am also trying to find a biking event somewhere in or around Georgia to go enter into, that is preferably 75+ miles. Swimming, I am just going to do it and not worry about trying to find and event, however, I do need to get back into open water swimming. It only has been about 3 months since I have done any.

Throwing things in the mix.... Possibly upgrading my apartment to get a roomie and then save some hella money this year, crossing that with my huge end of year bonus to pay off my car note, and I might have all my debt paid off this year (minus my student loans). That means I could go back to one job by the end of 2009 (if I don't get promoted at the bank this year, which I plan on doing). HOORAY!

Got a new girlfriend in the mix...... her name is Patsy. Actually she is not new, just new to you guys! She is very excited about my first Ironman, and she is being so supportive that she is helping me find ways of achieving my goal without sacrificing too much time from our relationship. HOORAY!

Anyways... I hope everything is going well with all of you, especially Sarah, Shelly, Eric, Wil and Wes! I have not stalked y'alls blogs in forever. I am only working three days next week, by chance, so I will be spending some time catching up on my magazines and your blogs. Also getting ready to potentially move!

Have fun this weekend, be safe, and train Hard!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yes I know, I know....

It has been way toooo long. I won't bother you with details. Why? This is my triathlon blog of all things, and so that is what I will speak about. I can say that my Ironman training has not been up to par, but at this point I can say although the window for goal "B" (finishing around 13 hours) is closing fast, the window for goal "A" (just finishing) is still wide open.

For those of you who did inquire as to which Ironman I would be completing in 2008, it is Ironman Coeur de Alene! My friend James Blaylock and I are both training for this race. I think that my interest in triathlons gave him a renewed interest, considering that he has a duathlon background. I have been scrimping and saving like a fiend to try and get ready for this event, and I still have a long ways to go. I think we are at about 31 weeks and change, I will have to break out the calendar later tonight to make sure that is correct. Either way I am happy that I am on this journey to do something that will push me mentally, physically and emotionally more than anything else has in my life up to this point. Yes that includes work, family, friends, significant others at the time, etc.

I don't know about the rest of you who have completed this event, however, I have had a roller coaster of a ride thus far. Motivational issues, injuries, sickness, financial issues, everything basically. And yet I try to endure. There are those few who have decided to support me with this and keep me motivated and happy about what I am doing, and I sincerely thank them for that.

In other news I will begin posting my workouts and mini races as frequently as i can, and if I am not posting every day, then I will catch up when I finally do post so that you all can keep up.

I will also try to update my blog. It needs it badly. There are people who don't blog anymore, new bloggers, changed blogs... I am waaaaay behind. I want to get caught up with all of you. And I am sure some of you want to get caught up with me.

Saturday: 10 mile run, 16 mile bike ride (easy, my friend Mike got a new bike and he was breaking it in, Silver Comet trail, run was by the house)

Sunday: 12 mile run, nothing else. ran from the house to brookhaven and back. Really close to one of the bars I like to hang out at, but I promise I did not stop, I did not have a wallet with me

Monday: 1500M swim, 1 hour spin class (18+ miles, the monday night instructor is hardcore and there are no breaks in her class. It is like a 2 second water break and into the next song)

Tuesday: Happy Veterans Day! Thank you all service men and women for all you do for us! 1500M swim and 6.5 mile run. will up my swim milage later in the week, the longest I have done thus far is 2500 M.

Good to be back, I will be checking up on your blogs throughout the week so look for a post. Wes yours has priority, I want to see your Ironman florida race report!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Possum Trot 10K June 21st 2009, Roswell, GA

Hi Everyone!

I just did my first race of the year. Granted I am reporting on it two days later, but I don't think that matters. Heck the fact that I posted twice in about a week is amazing! So this was a last minute entry (i.e. Stopped by Big Peach Running because I really needed to do something last Thursday) and then I stopped at James' house Saturday morning 6:15am for the race. His wife Tandy and his two daughters ran the 1 mile fun run, and then at 7:30am the race was on.

The first half

Sooo... I went out like a gazelle. Ok, not that fast, but I was definately pushing just under 8:00 min/mi pace. Did not really feel the humidity until about mile two, as it had rained earlier that morning, and the sun was trying to burn through. Oh did I mention pancake flat, with the exception of two hills? Sweet. As I hit the turnaround, I kinda felt like I was losing gas, so I slowed up just a bit, because I knew that I wanted to have enough in the tank if I wanted to have a good finishing time.

The second half

Annnnd... I came back in like a hippo. As I got to mile three, I realized that I would need a "rabbit" (yes I normally pick the female type, so sue me :P ) so I hooked onto one that was passing me and followed her for about half a mile. At that point she started pulling away and I thought to myself, "Is she speeding up?" No, as it turns out, my Garmin was telling me that I was slowing down. Thanks Garmin, really appreciate it.

As I approached what I thought was the finish, I realized that everyone that was going down the finishing chutes was going in the opposite direction that I was running... What!!! we are not done yet? Awh Crap! As I looked down Garmin once again laughed at me and told me that indeed I had about 1.7 miles left to go.

About that small hill... yes, at this point I was pushing my HR max the second half of the race and if not for the fact that I could take much more punishment, the hill reared its ugly head and laughed. I had to walk part of it. I got up over the hill, to the 2nd turn around, which was the start of the race, and then headed directly back to the hill. At this point I looked at my watch and decided to get this crap over with, so I ran the hill and finished the race.

And the worst part was...

that I did not qualify for the Peachtree Road Race 2009. As my watch said 54:18, my official time ended up being 55.27. While I can understand the 45 seconds due to a mass start and I was at the back of the pack, I cannot fathom the 24 seconds after I crossed the finish line. I mean I crossed at 55.03 right when the clock was in front of my face, and somehow I got 55.27. There were some other people I raced with and they noticed the same problem, so I assume that everyone got that increase. You need sub 55 to prequalify and there is another lower tier of times to get subseeded in the Peachtree Road race. The race organizers (Atlanta Track Club) give preference to those people when then enter the following year, over general entrants.

I had a good time though, and in the end that is all that counted.

Once race in the books for the year.

In other news I signed up for the Tri-PTC triathlon in Peachtree City, GA. Not too far South of Atlanta for those of you who know the area, and moreover, a wannabe Buckhead for those of you who know Peachtree City oh too well. That one's for you Matt ; )

Finally, and I will let you guys guess this one, until I get a new clock up on my blog....

363 days...


Sunday, June 15, 2008

What motivates you...

Hey Everyone...

I have fallen off the face of the tri world. I have also fallen off the face of the tri world. It is interesting that so much has happened since my last post (March 25th) and yet I come full circle to where I was earlier this year. Once again trying to find my motivational drive to push on and do something I love, or thought I loved. We will get to all of this in just a minute.

I got out and went swimming yesterday! About damn time! I swam for about a half an hour at Gault's Ferry in Lake Allatoona. Nice to see it about full pool. Last year I was swimming in a shallow mess, and I would get a sinus infection everytime I got in that lake (GA drought last year that we are still kinda in). Anyways, the lake is pretty much back to full pool and it was sweet. Except for the kids. This one 13 yr old kid teasing me about my speedo. I just gave him a dirty look, considering his parents were sitting right there on the shore. ; )

My workouts have been few and far between as of late, heck let's be honest. All year long. I have not competed or signed up for one event of any type this year. Back up on weight, but not breaking 180..... yet. I mean I have not even gone out for a run/ride yet today, and to tell you the truth, I am not really in the mood. Just had one of my friends stop by for about half an hour and told him the whole story. He said I just need to figure it all out. The problem is that I don't know what "it" is.

Well yesterday was a start. I know I have not done anything today, and if I am going to do anything tomorrow or Tuesday, it will have to be in the morning, since I work both jobs at the beginning of the week. That is fine, get it out of the way.

Ironman CdA is this coming weekend. I am thinking about signing up on Sunday when online begins, yet I will not put too much thought into it. After not getting online signups last November with IMFL, which is a less popular event, I don't think it will happen this year. NA sports even issued an official statement in December stating that at the Full Distance level, you will pretty much have to sign up in person, volunteer then sign up, or pick a community slot, which is not necessarily a bad deal compared to volunteering (depending on where you volunteer at).

Good news that the 70.3 series is going to have a race in Augusta, GA next year. Same city as The Masters for those of you not very familiar with golf. I am excited about that one... for once a Ironman event that is not a 7-8 hour drive away (closest one without having to hop on a plane). I can feasibly take one day off work and then mosey on over to Augusta, rack my bike, hang out for the afternoon, and then get ready for race day, even hang out the day after (depending on Saturday/Sunday race).

I will get motivated again, I just need to figure everything out in my head. As much as this sport punishes your body, 80% of this game is mental. Period.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hard weekend, but no water...

Hello All,

I hope that everyone who celebrates Easter had a wonderful holiday weekend, and for those who do not, I also hope that you had a wonderful weekend in general...

Wed/Thu I had to work at night (Wolfgang Puck Express for those of you who have forgotten...hey it has been awhile since I have written). So Friday last week was kind of my Monday. I work for so long on days that I have two jobs that it is really hard for me to get up in the morning.

Training - Run
Location: Chastain Park Loop
Distance: 5.12 miles
Avg HR:
Max HR:

Workout was not too bad, I tried to take it easy on the first lap since I knew I was doing two. I have been taping my feet more often lately since my feet have had a break for months now and I am adding on the mileage way faster than callouses would form.

Training - Run
Location: Silver Comet Trail
Distance: 6.67 miles
Time: 95min 11sec
Avg HR:
Max HR:

This was my weekend run with James. He was pushing out about 20 miles or so and he was late getting started because of his daughters' Softball games, so I told him that instead of meeting him on the way back, I would meet up with him on the middle third of the run. I also did not want to get caught doing more than last weeks mileage, which would have put me just over 8 miles in a day. I have really ramped up my mileage quickly this year from doing nothing. Fortunately I have been able to come back from long strings starting out doing runs in the 3-5 mile range as long as I am not trying to break the world record pace.

Training - Bike
Location - Buckhead/Smyrna/Vinings area
Distance - ??? (14-15 miles)
Time - ??? (Around about an hour, maybe a few minutes more)
Pace -
Avg HR - ???
Max HR - At least 185!!!

It was really cold on Sunday! At least it was not raining. Earlier in the week it was forecasted to rain, I guess the front that was supposed to come through changed or dissapated. With the exception of a few nice downhills, this ride was one of those things your father talked about.... walking uphill both ways. There is a hill about two miles into the ride that lasts about 4-4.5 miles long, and it has varying degrees of grade with one small and one decent downhill. It was a killer. It ended up setting the pace for the rest of my ride (which was slow). What made it worse is that I have told myself (I have a Shimano 3 ring 105 front) that I will not go into the smallest ring. Now I know that the smallest ring of a 2 ring is smaller than my mid ring, however I am training myself to stay in larger gears. And in the event I get a bike with a 2 ring front (or new Shimano components), then I will be better bred for the small ring up hills.

It is great to begin to hear again from you guys. I forgot how much comradeship and friendship I have gained over these last few years with you all and it has been fun. I am going to make sure I don't try to get out of the loop anytime soon. I am working tonight and tomorrow night, so my training week will begin Thu this week. I am going to try and squeeze in something tomorrow between jobs, or early in the morning.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Out of hibernation!!!

Hello All,

I know I am going to have to probably visit most of your blogs to let you know that I am back (or that I even still exist, thanks Wes and IronEric for checking up on me, even though I did not have the courtsey to write back).

Where in the hell have I been?!?!? Busy working two jobs, having a late quarter life crisis (almost at the age of 28), unsuccessfully trying to get back into grad school (i.e. having problems getting motivated to take GMAT, etc), and a whole other myraid of issues which has kept me from triathlon and this blog. Heck my favorite magazine publication (I will give you two guesses but you will only need one) has sat idle for the last three months and I have let my subscription expire. Oh and there is weight, I have gained some of that back as well, however not as bad as previously feared... I think I topped out at 178, and now I am hovering somewhere back in the low 170s.

But life happens : ) And we adapt. Just like in the sport of triathlon. Murphy's Law will ensue during your triathlon career, no matter what level or skill you compete at. All you can do is adapt to what comes your way and hope for the best.

I have been "back in the game" for about two weeks now. I have put in about 5 runs and two bike ride thus far (and no swimming). The blisters are back and I have shaved once. Not that you needed to know about that last part, I am just trying to make myself sound more accomplished thus far ;) I am beginning to put my race schedule together this year, but it is anything but sexy. If I do have one regret at the end of this year (and I try not to have too many) I think it will be that I wanted this third year in the sport of triathlon to be my breakout year. This in respect to more long distance races, as well as dramatically increased times (also I wanted to finish at least once on a podium this year even if only 3rd).

This year has the semblence of a lot of shorter distance races beginning in June and ending my season in November with longer races at the end. I am trying to find most of my races in Georiga this year with the possible exception being the "Great Florida Challenge (Half)" in November. Good time of year to head to FL.

For those of you who did not know and I may not have even posted it, I was unable to sign up for IM Florida. Florida always sold out in the past, just never that fast. It was one of those where it would not kill you to not drive down there and sign up, or if you missed online signup the first day, you could get to it the next day. Well I was sitting at my computer at 12:00p on that Sunday with James on the cellphone at his computer and a message shows up.... "We will be delaying online signups until 1:00p EST." I thought that was weird, however, James and I remained on the phone and the internet looking at hotel rooms and such in Panama City for the following year. 1:00pm approached, and it took me about 30 seconds to get everything submitted. Error in processing it said. Tried again. Error. Tried again. Error. Within 1 minute I had tried submitting my app 5 times. 6th time.... "We are sorry the Florida Ironman is full." Turns out after talking with a few people, that there were enough people who drove down to FL to sell the event out at the signups before it even hit online.

A few weeks later, NA Sports posts its new revised Ironman and Ironman 70.3 Signup guidelines. At the bottom of the letter the put a footnote that basically stated in order to sign up now you must sign up a year in advance and most likely sign up at the event in person. Whilst I do not mind signing up a year in person, I do have a problem with having to pay for an airline ticket (or pay for gas driving), Hotel, Food, etc... and then the entry fee, just so that I can go back and spend the same amount (ommitting the entry fee) the following year on the same race.

Saying this... James and I have been pondering the idea of flying to CdA this summer and signing up for the 2009 race. I think that we might even volunteer and make it a 4 day weekend of sorts. Maybe a three day weekend and leave Friday evening (the bank is normally slow on Monday) and come back on the Red Eye Tuesday morning, just in time for work. As I go off topic for a moment, I do not think I will ever fly from the left coast back to the east coast during the daytime. With the time change, and depending on where you come from you can lose anywhere between 6-8 hours of your day. No thank you, I will fly at night and sleep on the plane.

So.... I don't really know what else to post here, except that my blisters now have blisters and I remember finally what it feels like to be sore. But it is better to be back here with everyone I have befriended from my blog.

Nice to see you guys (and gals) again!