Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hard weekend, but no water...

Hello All,

I hope that everyone who celebrates Easter had a wonderful holiday weekend, and for those who do not, I also hope that you had a wonderful weekend in general...

Wed/Thu I had to work at night (Wolfgang Puck Express for those of you who have forgotten...hey it has been awhile since I have written). So Friday last week was kind of my Monday. I work for so long on days that I have two jobs that it is really hard for me to get up in the morning.

Training - Run
Location: Chastain Park Loop
Distance: 5.12 miles
Avg HR:
Max HR:

Workout was not too bad, I tried to take it easy on the first lap since I knew I was doing two. I have been taping my feet more often lately since my feet have had a break for months now and I am adding on the mileage way faster than callouses would form.

Training - Run
Location: Silver Comet Trail
Distance: 6.67 miles
Time: 95min 11sec
Avg HR:
Max HR:

This was my weekend run with James. He was pushing out about 20 miles or so and he was late getting started because of his daughters' Softball games, so I told him that instead of meeting him on the way back, I would meet up with him on the middle third of the run. I also did not want to get caught doing more than last weeks mileage, which would have put me just over 8 miles in a day. I have really ramped up my mileage quickly this year from doing nothing. Fortunately I have been able to come back from long strings starting out doing runs in the 3-5 mile range as long as I am not trying to break the world record pace.

Training - Bike
Location - Buckhead/Smyrna/Vinings area
Distance - ??? (14-15 miles)
Time - ??? (Around about an hour, maybe a few minutes more)
Pace -
Avg HR - ???
Max HR - At least 185!!!

It was really cold on Sunday! At least it was not raining. Earlier in the week it was forecasted to rain, I guess the front that was supposed to come through changed or dissapated. With the exception of a few nice downhills, this ride was one of those things your father talked about.... walking uphill both ways. There is a hill about two miles into the ride that lasts about 4-4.5 miles long, and it has varying degrees of grade with one small and one decent downhill. It was a killer. It ended up setting the pace for the rest of my ride (which was slow). What made it worse is that I have told myself (I have a Shimano 3 ring 105 front) that I will not go into the smallest ring. Now I know that the smallest ring of a 2 ring is smaller than my mid ring, however I am training myself to stay in larger gears. And in the event I get a bike with a 2 ring front (or new Shimano components), then I will be better bred for the small ring up hills.

It is great to begin to hear again from you guys. I forgot how much comradeship and friendship I have gained over these last few years with you all and it has been fun. I am going to make sure I don't try to get out of the loop anytime soon. I am working tonight and tomorrow night, so my training week will begin Thu this week. I am going to try and squeeze in something tomorrow between jobs, or early in the morning.


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Wes said...

Hey bro! Welcome back! I figured you were caught up in life, and probably going crazy gettin ready to marry that purty girlfriend of yours :-) I am training hard for IM Florida 70.3 and Langley Pond in April. Dee Dee and I both got wet suits and we are planning on starting to swim in the next week or two.

I volunteered for IM Florida last year. They had a special line for volunteers, and I waited until 10 AM to show up (I had a 20 mile run that morning), walked right in, signed up, and walked right out. It was SO worth it to be there and volunteer.

Let's try to get together soon! I've got 2.5 and 3 hour rides the next two weekends at the SCT, and a couple of taper/recovery weeks after that with Langley Pond thrown in.

Good to hear from you Andy...