Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yes I know, I know....

It has been way toooo long. I won't bother you with details. Why? This is my triathlon blog of all things, and so that is what I will speak about. I can say that my Ironman training has not been up to par, but at this point I can say although the window for goal "B" (finishing around 13 hours) is closing fast, the window for goal "A" (just finishing) is still wide open.

For those of you who did inquire as to which Ironman I would be completing in 2008, it is Ironman Coeur de Alene! My friend James Blaylock and I are both training for this race. I think that my interest in triathlons gave him a renewed interest, considering that he has a duathlon background. I have been scrimping and saving like a fiend to try and get ready for this event, and I still have a long ways to go. I think we are at about 31 weeks and change, I will have to break out the calendar later tonight to make sure that is correct. Either way I am happy that I am on this journey to do something that will push me mentally, physically and emotionally more than anything else has in my life up to this point. Yes that includes work, family, friends, significant others at the time, etc.

I don't know about the rest of you who have completed this event, however, I have had a roller coaster of a ride thus far. Motivational issues, injuries, sickness, financial issues, everything basically. And yet I try to endure. There are those few who have decided to support me with this and keep me motivated and happy about what I am doing, and I sincerely thank them for that.

In other news I will begin posting my workouts and mini races as frequently as i can, and if I am not posting every day, then I will catch up when I finally do post so that you all can keep up.

I will also try to update my blog. It needs it badly. There are people who don't blog anymore, new bloggers, changed blogs... I am waaaaay behind. I want to get caught up with all of you. And I am sure some of you want to get caught up with me.

Saturday: 10 mile run, 16 mile bike ride (easy, my friend Mike got a new bike and he was breaking it in, Silver Comet trail, run was by the house)

Sunday: 12 mile run, nothing else. ran from the house to brookhaven and back. Really close to one of the bars I like to hang out at, but I promise I did not stop, I did not have a wallet with me

Monday: 1500M swim, 1 hour spin class (18+ miles, the monday night instructor is hardcore and there are no breaks in her class. It is like a 2 second water break and into the next song)

Tuesday: Happy Veterans Day! Thank you all service men and women for all you do for us! 1500M swim and 6.5 mile run. will up my swim milage later in the week, the longest I have done thus far is 2500 M.

Good to be back, I will be checking up on your blogs throughout the week so look for a post. Wes yours has priority, I want to see your Ironman florida race report!


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Kona Shelley said...

Boy..have I been holding my breath forever..just sitting here waiting for your return..'bout time..:-P