Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby Steps to take the "Big Step"


Lets just not kid ourselves into thinking I am actually going to do this everyday! Clearly my life is too busy to be a rampant blogger and blogger stalker like I was 2 years ago. However, I can spend at least once a week to update my blog (and actually update the site as well, hell there are alot of new tools out there, and I don't even know what half of them are).

Workouts have been going well overall except for the fact I have missed a few here and there, as well as a few of them I have had to cut back on. Currently I am trying to get over some sinus stuff, and if I am not better by Monday, it is to the doctor for anitbiotics, I need to get better, or I cannot train properly. This weekend is going to be a big weekend once I get off work tonight (restaurant) and (bank) tomorrow at noon. Plan my ride tommorrow, and then Sunday hit up a 12 mile run or so (don't forget to splash some swimming in there as well ; ).

So... Let's be honest... I am still having a bit of trouble with getting stuff done with this Ironman, especially in two areas... documenting/planning the event and training, AND the time concept of how far away the event really is. James and I have this conversation every week when we see each other, but it still does not sink in. Add to that time is moving faster and faster the closer we get to the event, and it is a recipie for trouble. Kinda like gettting ready for a wedding. So I spent some time this week getting stuff back down on PAPER!! No fancy spreadsheets, no programs, etc, just paper and pen. (Yeah I do the NY Times crossword..... in PEN!) I also signed up for the ING Georgia Marathon (notice how they name it with every city name but Atlanta, like we are not big enough). That is 14 weeks away from this weekend I figure that is just over halfway to the final event (IMCDA). I am also trying to find a biking event somewhere in or around Georgia to go enter into, that is preferably 75+ miles. Swimming, I am just going to do it and not worry about trying to find and event, however, I do need to get back into open water swimming. It only has been about 3 months since I have done any.

Throwing things in the mix.... Possibly upgrading my apartment to get a roomie and then save some hella money this year, crossing that with my huge end of year bonus to pay off my car note, and I might have all my debt paid off this year (minus my student loans). That means I could go back to one job by the end of 2009 (if I don't get promoted at the bank this year, which I plan on doing). HOORAY!

Got a new girlfriend in the mix...... her name is Patsy. Actually she is not new, just new to you guys! She is very excited about my first Ironman, and she is being so supportive that she is helping me find ways of achieving my goal without sacrificing too much time from our relationship. HOORAY!

Anyways... I hope everything is going well with all of you, especially Sarah, Shelly, Eric, Wil and Wes! I have not stalked y'alls blogs in forever. I am only working three days next week, by chance, so I will be spending some time catching up on my magazines and your blogs. Also getting ready to potentially move!

Have fun this weekend, be safe, and train Hard!


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