Monday, December 29, 2008

25 weeks to go!!!

Now I realize why it pays to work at the bank (actually I knew all along)...

Bank holidays! Sure all you guys in corporate America get flexible schedules around your 9-5, can go wherever you want to for lunch, are not locked down to your office every day, and more importantly... Don't have to work SATURDAYS! But when it comes to federal holiday season (October-February), I have it made! I Basically worked 3 days last week, and I will only work 3 days this week, and I am not even taking any vacation for it.

More training for me!!!

Saturday was brutal! I thought I only ran 12 miles with James, however it was 14.5 miles, longer than I have ever run before, and I did it in about 2:10 somewhere (neither of us had watches but we looked at the car clock when we left and came back. Legs hurt like hell! I also saw at the pool about 2500M before Patsy got back in town, so I was not doing a late night workout when she got back in town from her Dad's place. Sunday was spinning on the bike inside, as the weather was nasty.

Gotta work both jobs today (actually at number two right now) so my spin at home tonight will be late. This week will be great for training, as I have Tue night off, then all day Wed, Thu, Sat and Sunday off! Sweet! I already have my schedule down for both jobs and my training so I know what I am to do every day, which is what i should have been doing months ago! That is ok, I will be just fine!

How are all of you doing lately?

I need to post some on y'all blogs this week so that you realize I exist again and bring back the blog stalking once again : )

Well it is off to greet customers on the floor, and more work to do!


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Keep blogging. Writing motivates you to train, training motivates you to write. And don't wish your time away. Before you know it, Ironman will be here.