Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I am SICK of being SICK!!!

Hi Everyone,

It is Tuesday night and today I finally went to the doctor's office. You know how us men are, we always wait until it gets pretty bad (or worse) before we will go. I have had an "on again/off again" sinus cold for the last three weeks. Everytime I think it is finally gone, it comes back to haunt me. Well last night Jackie and I were going to work out, but on the way home from work it hit me like a ton of bricks (again) and so we did not go. My nose was running literally like a faucet, and I could not stop sneezing at times. The Doctor (whose last name is Murthy, go figure) told me it is viral, so there is nothing she can do but give me some medicine to "dry me out" and then my body will have to heal itself. If it gets worse (i.e. bacterial), then she will call in a perscription for me so that I do not have to come in at all.

I have not kept up with many of your postings this week (sorry guys) but I will definately try to get back on it. Many of you have had some race reports in the last week or two, or you are beginning to seriously get your 2007 season going with signing up for races and such.

Congratulations to all of you who hit the top ten tri blogger list! I hope I can be on that list someday, but I know to do that, I will have to have a much more interesting tri life, as well as upgrade some of my blog features. Something to strive for, not to focus my everyday life on. You guys have already been so supportive just in visiting and posting to my blog, that I feel a success on some level, so thanks.

Have a good night, I am going to try to go back to bed again. I took a nap after I got home earlier.



Shelley said...

Yup, rest helps, get plenty of it!! Good luck!

Andy said...

Thanks Shelley!

I feel a bit better this morning, but this one is going to definately take a few more days to get better.

tri_gear said...

ANDY!!! Thanks for the weight lifting article, i'm going to print it off so I can read it a couple of times! That's great advice BTW!!

Comm's said...

my wife is the same way right now. sick for two weeks straight. I feel for you man. I really do. I like really hot baths or my jacuzzi. Your already not going to workout and the heat and sweat from the hot water will push things out and make you tired so you can sleep.

Rachel said...

feel better soon!