Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lovely weekend, wasn't it?


      I was so glad I was able to get out and get some workouts completed outside!  The weather was great this weekend.  Saturday I got a 70 min run in (~7.1 miles).  I left around 10:30am.  I really need to go walk outside of my building before I go bike or run, because by mile 2 I had already taken my jacket off and ran with it the other 5 miles.  It got really warm (there was little wind).  Sunday I got out in Roswell on the river and rode for almost an hour.  I still have a bit of saddle sore.  And just like after running on a treadmill most of the winter, riding outside was definately an eye opener.  What???  That incline seems really hard.  Did I really just have to downshift for that? 

On a related note, I will need to take my bike in this week to get the rear derailleur repaired, as the shifting on the rear cassette is kind of messed up.  I missed my swim workout this weekend and paid for it this morning when I had my swim workout.  I thought it to be a good idea after warming up to begin my swim workout with nothing but swimming with the pull bouy for a bit.  While it is great to build upper body strength, my arms were fried by the time I stopped to continue regular freestyle intervals.  Fried.  As in, thank god my arms are resting on the desk while I type this. 

My favorite running shoe store is sponsoring a 10K on March 6th and one of my blogger peeps is nagging me about doing it (succombing to the peer pressure!).  I now agree that it would be a good idea just to test myself and see where I am at (10K distance), before my half marathon on March 21st.  I also need to get some new running shoes.  I saw the price for the Asics GT 2150 (2010 model) and I about yelled in the store (City Sports).  I think I might go online to see how much the GT 2140's are, or call Genie and find out if she has any left in stock from 2009.  I think I am to the point now in my run workouts to actually begin putting intervals back in.  Once the weather gets nicer, I will be able to focus on doing track workouts at the gym (or at a local high school), and then the rest of my workouts outside.

I see I am going to have to devote more time to cycling after my humbling ride on Saturday.  I need to map out a strategy for that.  I think I will need to find some time on Saturday or Sunday to put in a hill workout until it stays light enough outside in the evenings to complete during the week.  Thankfully now that I work near the Sandy Springs ride, Roswell Ride, and not too far away from the Vinings ride, I will have lots of optionss in the afternoon (as long as I bring my bike along). 

On the weight loss front, I am down almost 7 pounds (on average) from when I started mid January.  I will say though, now that I am burning on average over 1000 calories a day, I am hungry ALL THE TIME!  I am eating pretty well, but I am having to eat smaller meals more often to stave off the hunger.  I have a stash of food in one of my drawers at work just in case.  Big improvements back into my diet are dairy and fruits (veggies have always kinda been there), and I am doing physillum husk fiber daily as well as some antioxidant pills (acai).

Begun updating the site (other than the makeover in January), I updated my blogging buddies, and I have added two countdown timers for tris and road races.  Got some more to update.  Hopefully will post tomorrow with some mid week stuff as well as some news and SE events/ongoings! 

Train hard! Work hard! Party Harder!


Christi said...

It sounds like you have some great training going on. Congrats on the weight loss!

Jess said...

A 10K is a good test for a HM time, so do it! But, maybe that's just me b/c 10Ks are rare breeds in my 'hood. There's only, like, 2 a year!

Andy said...

OK, Ok... enough with the peer pressure... I will go sign up for it tonight when I am at West Stride picking up my new running shoes.

監控 said...
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Renee said...

Hope the race went well! Great job on the weightloss ane workouts!