Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10,000 unique viewers, and other news!

Hello Everyone!

     I hope that everyone is having a great Turkey week!  Mine started on Friday evening when I began preparing for our annual "Friendsgiving", which my roommates and I were hosting this year.  Between the setup, breakdown and cleanup (on Sunday) and the actual event on Saturday night, there was not much training to be had.  Ergo, no training at all.  Oh and there was the alcohol.  Holy crap can my crew ( of 55 pepole) drink some alcohol.  That goes for me as well.  Although I did not have an official hangover on Sunday, I did feel a bit off, and we still have a keg to finish (people brought way too much alcohol anyways), so I have been downing about 4 pints a night.  Not that healthy, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Thankfully my roommates are helping me, so we are taking out about a 12 pack a night on the keg.  When I get home tonight I will be getting back on the horse and running, in the rain.  Yup.  Memories of CDA will come back to haunt me... just kidding, I can use the motivation of how I bested the course in the crappy wind, rain, and cold to get me through a measly 40 minutes around the park.

     So I am really excited that about two weeks ago, I hit 10,000 unique views to my blog!  Yeah, it took me 4 and a half years to get there, but it has been a journey.  I have met many new friends in the blogosphere as well as in person.  Some have come and gone, moving on to other things in their lives.  But I have had great experiences with all of them, and all of you who are still here with me.  I need to do another semi-annual review of all the blogs I follow, as a few people have fallen off the radar, and I have a few new people to add! 

     I will also be adding my posts on a regular basis to Facebook as well, so for you who are linked to me via facebook, you will be able to see my new posts in you live feed on your home page.  I am going to get this RSS thing figured out as well, so I am not actually having to go to 50 different sites everyday to read people's blogs, I will have those 50 different sites push the content to me instead :)  I am also officially commenting on BeginnerTriathlete.com now so you may see me in the threads from time to time.

I have gotten the calendar together for 2011, I just have not decided on which races (except IMFL) that I will be competing in.  I also have my training calendar template figured out for the next 12 months, and I have through new year's already planned out.  Should be exciting.  I hope all of you have a delightful Thanksgiving holiday, whatever your plans. 

Train hard, train smart, race excellent,


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Christi said...

What an awesome sounding party!

Happy Thanksgiving and I can't wait to read all about your training to come!