Friday, October 06, 2006

Thanks for the Feedback!!!

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback!!! I think the great thing is that there are multiple differing opinions and all of them are backed up by experience and knowledge that they have gained throughout their training and racing.

I will just bite the bullet for this race, especially since it is not an A, B, C or even X race for me. I just wanted to do one more before my "season was over." With that in mind, I will just put the quality, expensive wetsuit that I will purchase on my wishlist and get it at a later time.

So my race is on Sunday. And it is even better because I have a three day weekend! How do you ask? Columbus Day. Yes I am one of those "bank people" that all of you loathe so much. Yes we have a holiday almost every month, but the Federal Reserve has to get their days off, so they give them to us as well.

I think I am really going to like this course. I think there are a few small rollers on the bike course, but the rest of the course is flat as a pancake. The run actually takes you around a very small portion of the lake, so there will be a bit of scenery on the run. On this race, I think I am really going to focus on the swim and the run. I seem to have "plateaued" on the bike, and I am not going to sweat trying to go any damn faster for a race that I am not even putting on the priority list. I was clocked an average speed of 20.2 mph in my last race, and it should have been faster if it was not for the .1 mile "No Pass" coasting zone in and out of the bike start/finish area. I understand it is for the saftey of the riders and volunteers, but .2 mile total going in and out, come one! I know that you could cut that down to .1 or even .05 mile and I think it would still be deemed safe for everyone. Even if it was no pass zone, as long as you could go fast until you hit that shortened coasting zone I would be fine with that. However, I am excited that I broke the 20mph average barrier, even if it is only a sprint triathlon.

Anyways back to the swim/run. Have I slacked the last few weeks on my workouts since returning from vacation (where I did work out thank you very much)? Yes. Has it affected my overall performance of late? Maybe just a bit. However, there should be no excuse for how I can bust out a sub 8:00 min 400M split and then I get into a lake or other body of water and swim it in 13-14 minutes... What in the F@(# is going on with that? Seriously....

The run is just getting the leg transition from bike to run earlier in my run. I think I am going to brick today and tomorrow. Since I am not looking for a blockbuster performance on Sunday, I think I can get away from bricking both days before the race, it is just a sprint, and I have taken enough days off lately where my body deserves to be abused a bit.

I have been reading Steven's blog a lot lately. A good post that he wrote the other day talked about progressing on the run and to do so, you have to mix it up. You can read it here. and although I have not really mixed up my runs much yet, I have been varying distances, courses, and intensities. That is a start. I need to find a "public" high school that is not going crazy over security right now so that I can get some early morning or late night track workouts until football season is over, and then I can switch to afternoons. When I look at my times from other races, I know that swimming and running can definately improve. If you compare my transition times from previous years, I have shaved over 2 minutes off of them over all in sprint distance races. I am going to shoot for sub 1hr 20 min, that is just over a 2 min improvement for last race. I just need some kind of goal to shoot for. If I do not beat it, then I am not going to sweat it.

I got really down about the last race, due to the fact all the hard work I put in only netted me 2 minutes better than last year. I am not going to let that affect me this time. I think that some of us set hard goals because we want to improve faster, be better, etc... than what we are actually doing to preform at the time. Not that our preformance is subpar, but that we are expecting more than what our body is producing at the time. A good analogy fits here. Think of your triathlon as a buffet, and how many times, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach."

Oh and yes, I signed up for the raceAthlete registration to be on the team, along with every other tri-blogger out there. I do think that it is a bit unfair that they are limiting by wanting all team members to compete in IMWisconson after it has already sold out, but hey, they made the rules, not me. When I was signing up, I was like, why do they only have 1 IM event on here this upcoming year? Then I read the "fine print" (which was actually 12 point font) and it said that they would like to culminate the teammates experience by having all of them compete in IM Wisconson. I hurriedly went to to check and see if the event had sold out. Yup. My heart sank. I submitted my application with the hope that they can look past that and let me sign up for another IM event, such as Florida.



Shelley said...

Lets make up our own tri-team...No IMMoo participants allowed...LOL..

Steven said...

Good luck on your race! I look forward to the report out next week.

Writing that will give you something to do Monday while the rest of us WORK! ...bankers...!

And thanks for the shout-out for my blog.