Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hello All,

Well Wednesday night I went for another swim, and saw a few of the guys I had met on Monday night there. I kind of kept track this time. I know you guys (and girls) are saying I need a set training schedule, but I really need to get back on the ball before I can "do any tricks." I basically did a warmup, and then a 400M free main set, and then a 8 X 50M free sprint set. I finished up by sitting in the hot tub.

Friday I was going to work out, but I had some community service to complete. Don't ask. Long story. The weather has been nice here in Atlanta, and my community service for the day was to rake leaves at one of the cemetaries in downtown Atlanta. I raked leaves all day long, and I swear I raked at least an acre by myself. It actually got warm enough yesterday that I could have work shorts there (but it was cold in the morning). I burned so many calories doing that, when I finally got home and took a shower I did not want to do anything else. So Friday's workout was 8 hours of raking and bagging leaves. There is your CROSS TRAINING for you!

I am thinking about hitting the pool again today here in a little while. Jackie and I are going to ride the Silver Comet trail tomorrow for some base riding. Oh, and her sister totally hit her bike with the car when coming in from downtown late last night, and I will have to plug CYCLEWORKS big time for this one. Jackie was devastated when she saw what happened, since she was going to ride today. So she took the bike to Cycleworks where she bought it and they fixed the whole thing for FREE! And it was not even the store's fault. They kick ass.

Well I hope everyone is having a productive workout weekend, as the weather here in the SE United States kicks butt this weekend.



Rachel said...

That's awesome how the store fixed the bike for free. A good bike store is invaluable.

Raking leaves totally counts as exercise. You make me want to go take a nap.

Meagan said...

COOL! Having an LBS that you can trust is soo important.

Raking leaves sounds like hard work...

Big Daddy said...

Email me at I live in Atlanta and am training for triathlons. I have some questions that I'd like to ask you.


Andy said...


I will get you my info this weekend, I have been kinda busy, as you can tell by the number of posts I have had lately.

Comm's said...

I thought the kid dropped the charges. heh heh. Cheap shot i know.

If its any consolation I think I have a bench warrant for not paying $6 for day pass at a state park.