Thursday, March 15, 2007

Non-posted workout logs...

Hey Again,

Some workouts that I completed but had not posted. I was on vacation from Feb 18th - Feb 22nd. Other than that I have been a complete slackass. With two jobs it has been really hard to fit in workouts, my life, and sleep. Oh wait, do not forget about eating! I love to do that.

I am kind of worried about my races, so I have decided to change my goals for my first few races of the year so that I am just compelting them, and not trying to break any world records, and break my body instead.

Workout - Run
Distance: 2.75 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Pace: 10min 54 sec/mile
RPE: 3-4

This was base run just to get some miles under my belt for the day. Nothing too serious, and I did not want to strain anything.

Workout - Swim
Distance: 1050M
Time: ???
Pace: ???
RPE: 6

This was base swimming for distance purposes. I felt really good when I completed this distance, although my legs just felt a bit wobbly.

Workout - Run
Distance: ~3 miles
Time: 23:21.60
Pace: 7min 47sec/mile
RPE: 6-7

Running in the hills of Henderson, NV is just great!!! especially on a Sunday morning when no one is up yet, it is very quiet.

03/04/2007 (Sunday)
Workout - Bike
Distance: ~22 miles
Time: ~1hr 30min
Avg Speed: 14.67mph
Max Speed: ???
RPE: 5 with low to mid gears.

Easy Day, was fairly cold and really windy. Took it easy considering the situation. C'mon! The faster I pedaled, the colder it got, how miserable is that. I also forgot to take my bike computer with me, I felt naked without it. Hmmm naked and cold, how miserable?!?!

03/11/2007 (Sunday)
Workout - Bike
Distance: 33.88 miles
Time: 1:56:21.00
Speed: 17.4mph (Average)
SpeedMax: 28.5mph (Max speed, and this was on flat road!!!)
RPE: 6-9

I got pulled one time and pulled two separate people one time each. I think the average of each pull was somewhere around 24mph, and the 2nd pull that I did was somewhere between 22-24mph. How about that Max Speed on the flats!!! I looked down at my computer and was like, "OMG!!!"

I felt really good on this ride and made one important change. I was aero almost the whole time AND I was in the big ring almost the whole ride. I cannot believe how much big of a difference it makes when you are in the big ring for long periods of time. In my defense I will have to say that for the longest time I went on rides that had large hills, so I needed to gear down every time I went up one of these hills. My average speed was low due to the fact it took me a while to get going (I had a long week and it was the Sunday morning of the time change), but when I got going I was easily averaging over 20mph on the way back.

03/12/2007 (Monday)
Workout - Swim Drills
Total Time: 13:43.80
1 x 50M Warmup
2 x 100M Arms (W/ hand paddles)
1 x 400M freestyle: 9:15.40
2 x 100M freestyle: 2:16.00
1 x 50M Cooldown

Nothing really to say here other than I was not at the top of my game that night.

03/13/2007 (Tuesday)
Workout - Run/Bike
Time: 12:27.10
Distance: 1.??? miles

Bike (Spin Class)
Time: 58:29.40
RPE: 4-8

Class was great. Instructor felt really bad and thought that she was not interesting, but I told her I welcomed the change of riding in a straight line over and over again.

03/19/2007 (Monday)
Workout: Run
Time: 1:00:00.00
Distance: 6.1 mi
RPE: 5-7
(Indoor - Treadmill)

Stretched 5 min prior
Stretched 5 min post workout

03/24/2007 (Saturday)
Workout: Bike - Part of 3 Gap, Dahlonega, GA
Distance: 11.15 mi
Time: 47:58.00
Max Spd: 39.3 mph
Avg Spd: 13.9 mph
RPE: 6-10

3 Gap is 50 miles total, and half of the full 6 Gap which also follows some of the same course. Elevation change of 3 Gap if you finish all of it is almost a mile. Let's just put it this way

Round 1: 3 Gap - 1, Andy - 0

I have honestly not done any serious hills in quiet some time, and while riding on the Silver Comet has helped increase my overall average speed, it has not at all helped my endurance with real world courses (exempting of course Ironman FL in Panama City Beach, that is really flat).

I want to definately try again, but I need to do some hill drills before then.

That is all I have for now.

Murtha out...


Wes said...

Wow! Going from an 11 minute mile to seven and some change is a big jump! I want to ride the Silver Comet Trail soon. I don't know what its like to ride on flat :-)

Comm's said...

glad your back up and running