Monday, March 26, 2007

What is interval swimming again...

Got to my second job tonight. Very few nights do I have an attitude (not negative) that says, I really am not in the mood to be here today. We have been very slow for the last two weeks, and I elected that if anyone go home early, it be me. 7:00p came, and the Manager on Duty, said "get outta here!!!" Don't have to tell me twice!

Wait that means I have time to actually workout! Yeah!! (And the peasents rejoiced)

Here is the workout...

Workout: Interval Swim
100M Warmup
2x100M Paddles (no legs)
100M Freestyle

10 x 50M Freestyle
01: 00:55.6
02: 00:53.5
03: 00:53.0
04: 00:55.5
05: 00:53.1
06: 00:52.6
07: 00:52.7
08: 00:51.5
09: 00:52.2
10: 00:50.5

100M Arms Only
100M Cool Down

RPE: 4-8

Definately did not leave everything on the table, but as many workouts I am dropping due to jobs and other obligations, the last thing I need to do is pull something. Oh and I lightly sprained my ankle this weekend in the dark going across a street that was two different levels due to paving.

More to come later....

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