Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ford Ironman Florida 70.3...........NO MORE

Hello Everyone,

So I told you that I would have an announcement to make pending an email that I was supposed to be receiving. Well, I never received the email from NA Sports, so I decided that I would go ahead anyway, and inform all of you what is going on.

During the last mile of my race this past Saturday, I realized that if I was completing the Ironman Florida 70.3, I would have to do what I was doing then 4 more times (to equal the 70.3 distance, roughly). I then thought to myself, "Andy, if you really drive your butt all the way down to Orlando and attempt to do this upcoming race, you are either a) going to be in the medical tent DNF with multiple IVs in you, b) in one of Orlando's finest Hospitals, or c) possibly worse than the first two."

Nice positive mental attitude while attempting to finish a race, eh? I thought so too. On the car drive home, I told Jackie of my intentions, and she was in full support of me no matter what I decided. On Sunday I composed an email and sent it to NA Sports (after reviewing their NEW cancellation policy), and my heart sunk just a bit further knowing there would be NO REFUND, and most likely NO RACE TRANSFER. I have yet to hear from NA Sports concering this matter.

I have now had plenty of time to let this marinate in my head. I know I made the right decision, but it has led me to view my 3rd year in the sport as uncertain. Just yesterday there was an incident at work that prevented me from getting in my afternoon workout (on top of the fact I did not get up early enough to go swimming), and then my other job called me to try and pick up a shift someone dropped. Being the nice guy (sucker) I am, I said yes instead of going home and "taking care of business."

Training is spotty, motivation is not there everyday, etc...

I have seen a few other posts from people's blogs having this same situation occur. I would like to see how they panned out.

I am still going to complete the NY Bike Tour this weekend (due to the fact that I will probably be riding 12-15 mph for 42 miles will not be a problem for me), but the rest of the season is really up for grabs. I still want to do the South Carolina HIM in October, but I am not sure about my race schedule for the rest of 2007, and if I do complete any other races, they will probably only be sprint races to save my sanity.

One phrase, mental turmoil, describes it all.

One person cannot do it all, and like the prelude to my race report in my previous post, triathlon has definately not been my priority of any sort this year.

I am working on a schedule (about 22 weeks to South Carolina HIM) that should have me ready for the race, but the problem can and will most likely be the execution.

Now I am just ranting... I will leave this subject for now, I know it is a downer for the rest of you and I want this blog, as well for all you reading it, to be a most enjoyable reading experience. And while reading both the ups and downs are great, it seems as of late there have been more downs than ups.

Good Luck training/racing,



Wes said...

Andy, you got to do what's right for you, bro. I know losing the cash will be a bummer, but money is just a thang, albeit an important one :-) I should probably sign up for the half ironman in October you say? Hmmmmmm...

Don't sweat the negative stuff. What we want is REALITY. That means good and bad. We feed off ya when its good, and we are here to support you when its bad.

Rock on, Murtha!

Wrenching Winz said...

Sucks pulling out, but you get over it. Its just a race. Rock On.

stronger said...

Ups? Ups?! You got engaged...that's up! There are races all over the place all the time- when you're ready they'll be there for you to sign up again. Simple as that!

Mallie said...

Just keep on posting. Once you've got a "doable" plan for the October race, post it. Then we blogger commenters can hopefully motivate you on that execution.

And now you know there's another GA blogger who might just make the 90 minute drive up to Hotlanta to "enforce" some execution!

You'll figure out what's best for you and that'll be what you do. Right?

Allez said...

Deciding to not race is always a tough choice. But it sounds like you know its the right one. There will be a next chance when you're ready for it!

Brent Buckner said...

You have a handle on your priories; all else follows!

Comm's said...

Buck up little beaver. If you prioritize your life I would hope racing is not in the top 3.

Take a real break for week and then get re-energized.