Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Jumpstart (Mondays!!!)


I would say my friend who I train with, but I should actually call him my pseudo coach (for kicking my butt!!!), James, was nice enough to go out with me on my run last night. We went over to Chastain park and took the Garmin so that we could finally get the exact mileage for the loop.

Workout: Endurance Run
Distance: 5.12 miles
Time: 50:59.00
Avg Pace: 9:58 min/mi
Tot Cal: 707
Avg Hr: 177 bpm
Max Hr: 192 bpm

Basically I blew my wad in the first mile and a half, and then struggled the rest of the first loop (which has the majority of the elevation). By that time I had decided to let him go and get his workout (as nice as he was to stay back with me, I did not want to feel as if I was holding him back). He went and did two more laps, and I completed one more. I had to stop twice for about 45 seconds or so to get my heart rate back down to below 160 before I got started again. For some reason, no matter how slow I was running/jogging, I could not keep my heart rate below 180 bpm.

2nd lap was just miserable. I can tell you why though

1. Treadmill in temperature controlled gym.
2. Silver Comet Trail (technically flat)

Yesterday's run. 85 degrees and humid, and hills. What a difference a course makes!

After we both finished we sat down a talked for awhile, mostly about base mile training and staying under a certain heart rate max %. I think that makes a lot of sense, considering that I usually do not jog at an easy pace, even when it is a fun run.

I got caught up on my blog reading over the weekend, and it is nice to see that everyone seems to be finding themselves in races and other tri events.

I am considering volunteering for the first time soon. There is a free Sunday (I think) that I will have coming up soon, and I would like to see if there is any way I can get in there and volunteer.

I don't know if I previously mentioned, but I signed up for the Tri-PTC (peachtree city GA) on Sept 8th. I do not know how many years that they have been hosting this event, but it has been selling out now, and it has quickly jumped to a not selling out 300-400 people to a sell out of just over 700 people in 3 years.

I think next week I am going to sign up for one of the next Tri the Parks series races in June/August. There is Indian Springs on June 23rd, and then there is High Falls on Saturday August 18th. There is an event in July, but It would take me about two hours to get there, and I really do not want to get up any earlier/obtain a hotel room, for a race I want to be considered a "local event." Yes, I know that will decrease the number of events that are available to me, but we all know that this is an expensive and time consuming sport. Anywhere you can cut costs and save time/santity can be well worth it.

Next week begins week 1 of my 20 week HIM training schedule. I am kind of excited. I was not able to get to the pool this morning. I have to go and get a Bike pump after work since I left mine in NJ (present for uncle Les). tonight is speed work/hills on the bike. Depending on what time I get home, I might be able to get the swimming in as well. Otherwise I can move the swim to tomorrow morning.

(Quads screaming, Hammies screaming, we all scream for ice cream!)

On some of the other blogs, people (the Kahuna) have been posting about future potential races. I am all about me some Nevada triathlons, especially when they are near my family, I mean Las Vegas...



Wes said...

I know you are younger than me, but a heart rate of 192 is like the Cardiac Arrest zone for me :-) I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to do some of those park Tris and the PTC tri too, but this year they are not on my radar.

I saw that post by Kahuna for Las Vegas, and I thought hmmmmm. That would be awesome. Just ain't gonna happen for me :-)

Allez said...

I hear you on the heat. It bring my heart rate up when I've been more used to running on the treadmill.

Mallie said...

Since I normally run at 5 a.m., my first daytime trail run kicked my pardukey around the trail and back. Good on you getting out there and doing it. Looking forward to following you through your plan. Maybe I'll come spectate at one of the events you're planning over the summer.

You'll enjoy volunteering!

Rachel said...

Ice cream is definitely good for screaming quads and hams! Sounds like a tough workout. Heat and humidity definitely take a toll. I remember that from living in St. Louis!

Karen said...

Hi - So Week 1 of HIM started a week or so ago - how's it going? Hope it's started well and you're keeping that HR down in the easy zone (although how you're supposed to do that in heat and humidity I've no idea!!)