Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catching up on what is happening...

Hello All,

Nice to finally be posting again. I am coming in on my 100th post, and hopefully I can come up with something good like a summary/flashback/etc to cover how I started, where I have been, things of that sort.

This was a bad week for me, due to my work schedule. Now yes, I did set my work schedule so that I would know when I was working, but the way the week went, and other (extracirricular activites I participated in) things that occured, it shot my training week to hell. I got some stuff done last weekend, but it is on my Garmin (which I dont have with me to report), and I ran a tempo run on my new shoes (4 miles) on Wed night in the unbearable heat after I got home from work. I think I like my new shoes, but I will need to put a few more miles on them before I make my final decision. I am also going to try and get all the graphs up this weekend, so that I can create some kind of training log, and so I can quantify what I am actually doing. Wes gave me some HTML to update my blog.

Speaking of Wes, his wife is participating in the Acworth (Women's Only) Triathlon tomorrow morning. I am going to go, and I think that Jackie is coming with me, I am not sure. There are a few other people that will be there as well, both watching and participating. It will be my first tri that I watch/volunteer and not actually participate in. Well, really it is not that hard to fathom, since it is a women's only event, but just to be able to look at it from the participant's side, as well as being a cheerleader, will be pretty cool.

Training today and tomorrow, and getting my schedule set up for next week.

That is all I have for now.



Wes said...

Sweeet! What kind of new shoes did you get bro? I ran on Wednesday at soccer practice and it was tough! I couldn't believe I ran in that heat all the time last year when I was 40 pounds heavier, and I did it all the time!

If you make it to Acworth, don't forget to give me call :-)

Steph Bachman said...

Hey Andy. It was nice to meet you on Sunday! Did you run at the river yesterday and talk to a guy about your upcoming race? If so, that was my husband, Doug. : ) If not, hope you had a lovely day.

Dee Dee said...

Hey Andy a big shout out to you and Jackie you were wonderful cheerleaders !!! Thanks again for all your support !!!!! I appreciate it !!! You guys rock !!!