Friday, January 28, 2011

The Friday Review...

Hi Everyone,

    Hope all of your training and everything else going on in your life is great.  I have decided that I am going to make my Fridays the end of my blogging and training weeks.  I thought this a good idea for two reasons.  One, my day off usually is Friday for many reasons, and two, I treat my Saturday's and Sunday's like the beginning of my work week, so I figured having Friday as a review/last day of the week would work out well.

     I ran Sun/Mon/Tue and it was friggin cold every night, and it rained on Tuesday night, so that is another one in the IM bank for me.  IM Florida was damn cold this past year, and while things may change for this coming year's event, I want to have every miserable training experience imaginable so that when race day comes, I am either prepared or pleasently suprised.  Wedesday night I opted not to workout in favor of cramming for my exam on Thu night.  I got a bit of food poisoning from Willy's Wed night so I stayed at home pretty much all day Thursday except to take my exam, and then went straight home.  I talked to one of my classmates this morning, and she told me that class was really hard after the exam.  I don't know if that is a product of having your brain fried with an exam and then more class or just the material was hard, however, not something to look forward to. 

     I plan on running after work today to try and make up for wed/thu.  I know you cannot make up days, however, I can work out on my day off to make up for a missed workout during my training week.  About 8 weeks and change till the Publix Georgia Half Marthon, and Wes is already talking smack about whipping my butt on the course.  He actually may very well do so, but I will accept his challenge nonetheless.  It's on like Donkey Kong!!!

     I will be up in Raleigh this weekend and I am taking the running shoes with me.  The weather is supposed to be great, and I don't wanna miss out on that.  Weather has been too crappy lately, although I have been a good sport and participated in it anyways.  I need to break in my new pair of shoes I got for Christmas, ASICS GT-2150.  I will have some sort of shoe review after I use them for a week or two.

Get out there and have a good time this weekend, whatever you do!


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Have a great weekend!