Monday, January 24, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their new year.  I know I have, for the most part.  The holidays were great and I got to see all of my family at the same time for the first time in 3 and a half years.  Gets a bit harder when you are spread out all over the US.  Just after New Year's I came down with a really bad case of sinusitis, and it is still holding on just a bit, even after taking Levaquin for a week straight.  Ever since I had my acute episode in college, it seems it hits me once a year, and it is getting harder and harder to shake each time.  That coupled with the Snowpocalypse in Atlanta two weeks ago, and my training took a serious punch to the gut.

Fortunately my "A" race is in November so I am not too worried about that, however, I am participating in the Publix Georiga Half Marathon at the end of March, so I need to get up to speed with that.  Otherwise besides getting back into training, I have just been working and schooling.  I graduate in August, and then I have to take the CPA exam.  Woohoo!  More money to shell out and testing!

Doctor also said I have gained quite a bit of weight. Great, so now I am a fat ass.  Hopefully my training will help me to alleviate that.  Most of my training before the holidays and this past week has been run focused due to the immediate half marathon coming up.

Family definitely came through for the holidays though.  Patsy got me a new Xterra Wetsuit, parents got me the new Asics GT-2150's, and the family got me about $150 in All3Sports gift certificates that are burning a hole in my pocket.  Need to do some upgrades to my bike.....

Lots of running coming up this week, need to get my 2011 schedule on the site and do some other various upgrades to the site.  Technology changes so fast and if you don't keep up then your blog ends up without all the cool new blog gadgets that one NEEDS ;)  However, posting does take precedence. 

Hope all of you have a great week in general and with your training.  Keep it up!



Christi said...

That sucks that you have been sick! I hope you feel better real soon!

Wes said...

hold on to dem fat cells lard ass sose I can put a whoopin on you at the Georgia Half Marathon. Won't that be embarrassing now? given I'm 10 years older than you ;-)


Andy said...

Don't think I will be in the best condition for this year's race, but I am always up for a challenge to keep me motivated. However you are light years ahead of me if your weekend runs are at 12-14 miles right now :)

Bring it! You would not be the oldest person to beat me anyways. I have seen a 65 yr old man kick my ass in a half ironman.