Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Pictures from P'tree Int'l Triathlon

Just thought I would put these up until I am done with my next post.  I am also gonna get the pictures from this race as well. I think there are a couple good ones in there. 

Dismounting and headed into T2

Could not get my suit off standing up because my left calf was cramping up too bad.  FAIL

My feeble attemps to get said wetsuit off standing up, please see above pic for next step at failing to do this :)

Another shot of me running into T2.  Yes I wore my bike shoes off the bike.  Tar and feather me.

Look I am smiling, and in a bit of pain, but I am smiling :)



Wes said...

you wore you Rev3 hat with that suit? tsk tsk... we'll have to discuss this color coordination :-)

treadster said...
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treadster said...

Looks like you took time in T1 to sit down and trim your toenails before the bike. Good grooming!

Andy said...

ha ha ha! Jokes.

Kat said...

Oh those wetsuit photos... I can only imagine how hard I'm going to have to work to get out of the wetsuit my first time!

Great race pictures. :)

Colleen said...

Love them. Why do wetsuits always get stuck???