Thursday, May 26, 2011

Filling Up the Tank for Another Journey

This post was supposed to go up last week, but didn't :)  So here it is... Better late that never.

Update:  Day 6 of (left) foot injury.  Pain is starting to subside a bit, still hurts to wear shoes.  Forgot to wear ankle brace last night to keep foot at 90 degree angle.  Forgot to bring ice water botttle to work today.  At least I remembered to bring my ibuprofen.  Will put the bike on the trainer tonight and see how the foot feels on the bike. That does not mean I am gonna get out and do road riding again this weekend, but at least I can log some miles on the trainer in a controlled environment.  Will start swimming again later this week as well.

(enter picture of long road here)

Well, I have one race in the books this year.  Thank goodness :)  Great to get the nervous excitement of the new season worked out of my system by toeing the line and competing. I have another race here in about three weeks, but I am unsure how it is going to play out due to my injury.  I may very well need to see if I can transfer the entry to another one of GA Multisports Races (sorry Wes!!!), but I will make a decision at the end of next week. 

Tomorrow is a BIG DAY!!!  168 days/24 weeks till IMFL!  Holy S#@! Snacks!  Too close :D  Today I will lock down the training plan I am going to use (I have been wavering between 2-3 plans, I just really need to man up and pull the trigger).  Then it is all about execution for the next 24 weeks.  I have had a lot to think about since last November.  Mike and I headed down to Florida for a three day weekend to volunteer at IMFL, and get signed up for the race in 2011.  I had even talked to my old training buddy James, and his plan is to volunteer in 2011 so he can race in 2012.  I think he is on some sort of crazy 3 year plan where after 2012 he is gonna try to qualify for Worlds again in 2013. 

Anyways, of course Mike and I were riding a mental high when we got back from Panama City.  Then reality set back in for me.  I had set out on a journey earlier last year in completely changing my career and part of that was going back to school.  Not only going back to school, but also a full time program while working full time and finishing within a year.  Trying to keep up with a long distance relationship because my girlfriend is realizing her dreams by getting her PhD.  All of you juggle similar tasks, and at the same time we are all trying to stay the course on this journey that is triathlon.  Although I have been slammed with school this week, I have spent some time late in the evenings before I go to bed, contemplating the next leg of this journey, manifesting itself in the form of an Iron-Distance race.

I have the plan, I have the resources, and more importantly, I have myself (intact).  Time to pop in a good road trip track, and head on down the (IM) highway.


Christi said...

Sorry about your foot! I hope that it is getting better.

I am so excited that you are going down the IM journey. I really want to go there as well but must wait until my body can handle the stress of training. Mentally, I think I am there but physically I just have got up yet. I am hoping to do IM Louisville in 2012 but that is not written in stone. Coach and I are taking it one day at a time!

Good luck to you! I will be sending you great vibes on a daily basis!

Wes said...

I'm hoping to be down there this year. I don't think I'll volunteer, just enjoy the time with friends...

Kat said...

If we want it bad enough, we find what we need inside ourselves - I had to put training on the back burner while I did my MBA (I have kids at home, something had to give!).

Now that it's done, this year is all about marathons, next year is triathlons...

You are an inspiration!

LJ Ruth said...

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