Friday, June 03, 2011

Two weeks down (or more likely behind), twenty-two more to go

Happy Friday Everyone!

Instead of spending the entire blog talking about what is happening in the tri world today, I am gonna just work on me today (actually something I try to do every day).  I am about 50% done reading through all of your blogs and I have about another 4 hours till I have access to all my systems (month end close), I think I can get all this blogging stuff done by then. 

So after my last post, I was able to get in a few runs with no pain.  All of these runs were 2.5 miles or less. I even had a few days spaced between each run (along with my regular swimming and cycling workouts).  The third run that comes up, last Sunday morning, my foot decided to act up again.  So it was two weeks off cold turkey with RICE and calf stretching, oh and rolling golf ball on the bottom of my foot.  Then run, two days off, repeat, and third time is not a charm.  I really need to go on the GA Multisport website to see what their transfer policy is.  I really wanna do this race, but a 10K at then end of the race might not be the best thing for me.  I have not run on the foot since Sunday, and the pain subsided faster since Sunday than the first round about three weeks ago.  I am gonna go on a one mile run this evening on a track and see how it works out.  The track also helps because the original injury run and the run this past Sunday I was literally at the turn around point when the pain started and so I had to head back walk/jogging from the furthest point away from my car.  Depending on what the transfer policy is, and how my foot feels over the weekend, I will make my decision by Monday.

As for my Ironman training, my program is in full swing.  Two weeks down, and I am already behind.  Reason #1, haven't really been able to run.  That's ok, there are 22 weeks remaining before the race.  Reason #2 is what really concerns me.  School has been a bear this summer so far.  Instead of having just a few exams in each class, we have projects, projects, projects.  So something is due ALL of the time, EVERY week.  There is one class where we don't even have exams.  We have an hour long "quiz" each class and then 4 projects throughout the summer.  Yes, yes, I put this upon myself, but why in the last semester that the program decided to throw exams out the window was beyond me.  Oh well, will have to adapt. Anyways, the point of number two was that I have had to skip some key workouts to study.  And as for Memorial Day weekend, well I am just writing that off as a 3 day weekend I needed away from everything. 

My solution for this came to me as I was reading Curly Su's most recent post this morning.  A number of years ago I had a pretty serious triathlon schedule and I was working two jobs at the time as well.  I literally had my schedule planned down to the hour every day.  Now that is not to say I followed it 100% of the time, but at times I did make changes and move things around in case I had other obligations to attend to, or just wanted to switch workouts around so I could fit other things into my schedule (personal time, hanging out with friends, etc) as well.  So we are gonna head back out on that plan and see how it works out.  Nothing set in stone, but unless there is something pressing, the rule will be, "follow the schedule!"

Not too much else is going on right now.  Going to tomorrow morning's class session rather than the afternoon because it is going to be beautiful this weekend, and I have been sleeping in again too much lately/going to bed too late at night, so I would rather do the morning session rather than chance sleeping in and then not getting out of class till 5pm.  As for the rest of the weekend, it will be comprised of studying, training, and hanging out with a few friends :)

Well let me get on to reading the rest of your blogs while I am rolling the golf ball on my messed up foot :S

You guys/gals have a great weekend!


Christi said...

I admire you. I can't imagine working, going to school and training for an IM. I would be a basket case. Keep up the great work and have a great weekend!

Molly said...

Sounds like you've got a solid plan in place to handle everything! Don't worry too much about the running and heal that foot up first, you have lots of time. Also, have you considered aqua jogging? Lots of people I know who've been injured have kept their run fitness up that way.

Wes said...

obviously healing the foot comes first! maybe this Ironman is just for fun, eh? The Endurance Nation type block training should fit well with your school work...

treadster said...

I hope your injury heals. You've got IMFL training to do and the folks at WTC will not care if you're off your game.

BTW - Podium MS is located about 1 mile NE of Emory University.

Kat said...

Your plan sounds like a good one - I know that even now that grad school is done for me, with a full time job and a family, finding enough time to train requires scheduling skills!

I'm only really focusing on my running program this year, with biking and swimming as cross training, and I'm having a hard time fitting it all in - good luck to you, and I'd love to see a sample week or two once you have it worked out.