Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cross Training Injury!!!

Good Afternoon!

    So only 7 days into my 2010 training and s#!^ happens!  I was out on Saturday with a whole bunch of friends playing flag football.  Well I don't like to do anything half-assed, so I decide that I am going to try and play like Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and be some awsome wide receiver.  Well that resulted in a bruised tailbone (which is almost healed as of today), sore neck, huge knot on the back of my head (resulting from a 35-40yd pass I caught in the air and then landed on my back, and my head smacking against the ground so hard other players heard it), and last but certainly not least, a bruised/fractured rib on my right side.  That occured on a play where I dove out for a ball, did not get it and then landed with my right arm under my right side.

     Have any of you ever had a bruised/fractured rib before???  This is my first time and I am not happy about it.  I did some research last night on WebMD and found that it generally takes 6-8 weeks to heal and all you can really do is take pain meds and don't try to be too active............... wait what?!?!!?!  I was going to get on the trainer Sat after the game, but as I was inflating my tires.... hiiisssssssss.... I forgot about the physics of rubber when exposed to freezing temperatures for long durations.  As I removed the pump valve from the tires, it separated the stem from the tube and all the air decided to come out.  At that point I was done for Saturday.  Sunday did not do much because of the pain, yesterday either.  This morning I ran 3 miles on the dreadmill and I basically tolerated the pain.  I have not tried to ride a bike since this happened, and my range of motion is limited with my right arm so no swimming for now (Not to mention more resistance in the water).

     I did not get around to editing the site this weekend, so it will have to wait until next weekend.  I am kinda pissed I already missed a few days, but I am dealing with it.  Take this thing one day at a time (for 6-8 weeks :)

     I am thinking of changing my schedule just a bit.  It turns out quite a few of my friends might do the My First Tri/My Next Tri at Lake Lanier in June.  I don't want to complete that event because I want to compete with them, I just think it would be fun to do an event with lots of people I know.  I think the race with the most people I knew had to only be 3-4 people and a race in the Atlanta area.  This could potentially push 10 people, and not to mention everyone else that is going to come if we have that many people show up.

     As for everything else, i am just working and studying for the GMAT.  I am going to try and get my graduate school application finished by this weekend.  Talk to you soon!


Wes said...

This is exactly the reason why I am resisting the urge to PLAY soccer this year :-)

That's a cute little race. Like doing the October race in June :-) It was my first ever, and I need to go back sometime...

Jess said...

Wow, that sounds like quite the flag football game!

Christi said...

Bummer on the football injuries. That sucks! I hope you are healing quickly!