Saturday, January 02, 2010

Man Blogging can be a pain in the ass sometimes ;)

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I decided today after playing some Wii Golf (I would play actual golf but it is 34 degrees outside!), I would get on the computer and take a look at my blog, and see about giving it a new look, looking at links that need to be updated/removed/added, etc.

I was very sad to see that I am going to have to get rid of about 14 links of people who no longer have active blogs or they have gone private! A few of the people that have gone private I still speak with and we are now facebook friends, so it won't be hard to get put back on those lists. For the rest of them, ttyl! I hope to hear from you again! It's kinda sad, really, that there are some people that I read their life stories and share mine with them. It is like a friend you kept in touch with for years, and then one day you quit talking to them. After awhile you try to contact them, but their phone number does not work, email address has been canceled and they are just gone.

Thankfully there are just as many people who are still around and kicking in the tri-blogging world! A few people even have their race schedules up and I am doing some of the same races as them! Exciting!

I think I am going to spend another half-hour or so today working on planning out my site redesign (listen to me like I am actually going to do web design) and what is/isn't going to be on there. I feel like this is going to be a Blog 2.0 revolution for myself! Happy New Year to all of you!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Back to the grind officially next week.

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Steven said...

Hey Andy...Happy New Year!
I have some good races planned this year and that started with an age group win today here locally. My list looks like this:
Vancouver Lake half-marathon 1/24,
Boston Marathon 4/19,
Troika Half-Ironman 8/1,
Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3 8/15,
Hood To Coast Relay 8/29/30,
Columbia Gorge Marathon 10/24...
And I think that's it! You need to add one of those to your list so we can get a post-race beer.
Take care and have a great 2010...