Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TRI PTC Hosts Pro Triathletes Desiree Ficker & April Gellatly Fri Jan 29, 2010!!!

Peachtree City Tri's - January Update

Pro Triathletes Desiree Ficker and April Gellatly host Triathlon Clinics!


Join the TRI PTC Club as we host two of Triathlons best women triathletes for a weekend filled with information, training and fun! Desiree Ficker and April Gellatly have agreed to spend the weekend answering your training questions and training side by side with you for the weekend of January 29th - 30th. Come join us to kick off the 2010 season in style!


Friday - January 29th:

Dolce Atlanta Peachtree
201 Aberdeen Pkwy, Peachtree City, GA 30269, 770-487-2666

7pm - Meeting in Auditorium - Keynote Speaker, USAT Professional Triathlete (2nd Place IM World Championships, Multiple 70.3 Winner) and Accomplished Runner (2:39:30 Marathon PR) - Desiree Ficker.

8pm - Informal Meet and Greet/Cash Bar
Free to TRI PTC Club Members/$20 for Non-Members

Saturday - January 30th:
Various Locations

Run and T2 Clinic
Riley Field - Wisdom Rd, Peachtree City, GA 30269,
Free to TRI PTC Club Members/$20 for Non-Members
Bring your running shoes, drinks, dry clothes and all items needed to practice your transition!

Bike Clinic
World Gym - 1300 Commerce Dr, Peachtree City, GA 30269, 770-631-8004
Free to TRI PTC Club Members or World Gym Fayette Members/$20 for Non-Members
Bring your water bottle and dry clothes - this class will be on spin bikes.
Please drop off your bike and trainer in the back lot and park in the front lot.
Get there early to ensure your spot - only 35 bikes available!

Swim Clinic
World Gym Fayette - 1964 Highway 54, Fayetteville, GA 30214, 770-487-4273
Free to TRI PTC Club Members or World Gym Fayette Members/$20 for Non-Members
Bring your swim suit, goggles, pool toys and towel!

It is $25.00 to renew your TRI PTC Club Membership. Applications will be available at all of the clinics or you can register on-line via -

It is $75.00 for all new TRI PTC Club Memberships, which include a club racing jersey (a $65.00 value).

It is $50 for the weekend if you are a non-club member and want to attend all of the clinics.

Registration is open for each clinic 30 minutes prior to each clinic.

Please email Anne @ for any questions regarding the weekend activities!

The TRI PTC Club will have jerseys, shirts, hats and some limited supply jackets available for purchase. These are first come, first serve!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cross Training Injury!!!

Good Afternoon!

    So only 7 days into my 2010 training and s#!^ happens!  I was out on Saturday with a whole bunch of friends playing flag football.  Well I don't like to do anything half-assed, so I decide that I am going to try and play like Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and be some awsome wide receiver.  Well that resulted in a bruised tailbone (which is almost healed as of today), sore neck, huge knot on the back of my head (resulting from a 35-40yd pass I caught in the air and then landed on my back, and my head smacking against the ground so hard other players heard it), and last but certainly not least, a bruised/fractured rib on my right side.  That occured on a play where I dove out for a ball, did not get it and then landed with my right arm under my right side.

     Have any of you ever had a bruised/fractured rib before???  This is my first time and I am not happy about it.  I did some research last night on WebMD and found that it generally takes 6-8 weeks to heal and all you can really do is take pain meds and don't try to be too active............... wait what?!?!!?!  I was going to get on the trainer Sat after the game, but as I was inflating my tires.... hiiisssssssss.... I forgot about the physics of rubber when exposed to freezing temperatures for long durations.  As I removed the pump valve from the tires, it separated the stem from the tube and all the air decided to come out.  At that point I was done for Saturday.  Sunday did not do much because of the pain, yesterday either.  This morning I ran 3 miles on the dreadmill and I basically tolerated the pain.  I have not tried to ride a bike since this happened, and my range of motion is limited with my right arm so no swimming for now (Not to mention more resistance in the water).

     I did not get around to editing the site this weekend, so it will have to wait until next weekend.  I am kinda pissed I already missed a few days, but I am dealing with it.  Take this thing one day at a time (for 6-8 weeks :)

     I am thinking of changing my schedule just a bit.  It turns out quite a few of my friends might do the My First Tri/My Next Tri at Lake Lanier in June.  I don't want to complete that event because I want to compete with them, I just think it would be fun to do an event with lots of people I know.  I think the race with the most people I knew had to only be 3-4 people and a race in the Atlanta area.  This could potentially push 10 people, and not to mention everyone else that is going to come if we have that many people show up.

     As for everything else, i am just working and studying for the GMAT.  I am going to try and get my graduate school application finished by this weekend.  Talk to you soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

You know you are out of shape when...

Good Afternoon!

     I was very suprised at my ability to get up early most days this week and workout.  There have been a few days where I slept in that extra hour and change and went to the gym in the evening.  Man was that a mistake.  I put in two small pool workouts, however, with running, I did not even try to get on a treadmill on Wed (there were 12 people waiting in line and there must be about 25 treadmills at our gym) and Thu I just happened to get out of the pool and dried off at the right time to catch the one sole treadmill available.  Of course we are in the full swing of "New Year's Resolution" members, and it makes for a horrible experience for the rest of us.  Please do not get me wrong, I would love for everyone to have some sort of fitness goal AND see it through.  HOWEVER, year after year I watch as the first 6-8 weeks of the year show me nothing but horribly crowded gyms.  And then between mid-February and March, it just clears up, and you can finally again have little to no wait for a cardio or weight machine Mon-Wed.

     If you are going to do it, see it through!!!  I want you to meet all of your goals, but if you are not going to even going to make it through eight weeks, then don't waste the money or time.  Sorry, for some of you may feel that is a polarized view on this, but I feel strongly about it and find it to be one of my pet peeves. (Off the soapbox)

     So for some of you, there is a running backgroud that exists.  Others have a cycling background, and for ther rest of you, swimming.  I think the true test of fitness for people that are of the first two discliplines, jump in the pool!  My fitness background stems from running.  I could not run for months and get out there and complete a 5K or 10K.  I would not be breaking any world records, but I could do it.  On the flipside, I do know how to swim, but put me in a pool when I have not been in one in almost 7 months... I am outta shape!!!  Maybe this is something we can have a debate on, but I think out of the three sports, swimming is by far the hardest sport to master and one that you have to be in top shape to do reasonably well in.  I thought I was gonna die in the pool on Wednesday!!!  Kinda comical actually.

    This weekend is going to be busy.  Patsy and I are meeting some friends tonight at a new trendy pizza place that opened in Midtown (Atlanta) tonight.  The guy (Mike) is doing Rev3 in Knoxville with my friend James and myself this May.  Sat is early bike ride (if the weather holds up) and then flag football @ 12:30p.  Afternoon run afterwards, and then early run Sunday because I am in a poker tournament that begins @ 1:45p.  My plan is to add swimming and cycling back in a little each week while also adding to the distance in each workout!  Sounds like a good plan to me. 

     Just over two months until ING Georgia (half) Marathon.  I think I should be ready for it.  I am a bit behind in my training, but I would rather train up a mile or two short on mileage for the event rather than go all out and risk an injury.  I am confident I will be ready to go.  I am officially signed up for Rev3 now.  So that is good, and I am looking at the next 3-4 tris and road races to see when I need to sign up for them.  You guys all have a good weekend!  I will be catching up on blog reading and trying to finish up my blog editing.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The "Week - end" Report

Good Afternoon All!

I hope everyone had a great week this week!  My "year" started on Saturday by going to the gym in the evening and running for 30 minutes.  I wanted this to be base training, and although I am not strictly focusing on heart rate, I am paying close attention and allowing it to govern how fast/far I go.  As for anyone who has been off training for any discipline (for any reason), it is hard to get back into the "groove."  But when you do, it feels great! My mental attitude the past two days has been amazing, regardless of what has been going on.  Even looking at personal issues such as my weight, etc, is not a big deal anymore, because I know there is a process that is going to lead me to something better (great things, hopefully).  I will go so far as to borrow a word from Joseph's Blog, resolve.  I think by having some sort of resolve in one's life creates the opportunity to bring everything else into balance.  In just a few short days, I am seeing things in a new, refreshed manner, and a clarity that has not been there for quite some time.

I spent some time getting my training notes and my training log back in order this weekend.  I am using a Microsoft Excel worbook I created for my Ironman in 2009.  It got abandoned after a month or so, but I kept it nonetheless.  I dusted the cobwebs off of the workbook this weekend, added some more information, formulas, and a few tables for end of week/end of month results.  While I am sure it is not as complete as some of the training websites and other, more advanced logs, It works for me now :)  I can always borrow new material to add to my log as I go along.

Well, my totals for the end of the week are not that great, but at least there is something to report! 

Swim:     0 meters
Bike:      0 miles
Run:       5.5 miles

I will get something up on the sidebar of my blog here pretty quick with weekly/monthly/annual totals.  That way you all can hold me accountable ;)  This week I am attempting to get at least a couple of swim and bike workouts in with my runs.  I am also focusing on stretching more (I am usually pretty lax in that department) because I feel I am way too inflexible.  I have some yoga class passes from my birthday last year I need to cash in, I think I am going to schedule those in the next 30 days or so.  I know Yoga is actually an art and a discipline in its own right, but for my purposes, I am going to log it under stretching, since that it what I am going for, to improve my overall flexibility.  Another area that has seriously fallen by the wayside is strength training.  I can contribute one of the most fit times in my life to strength training (the other is to my 2007 triathlon season).

For now though, I have signed up for the ING Georgia Half Marathon and the Rev 3 Triathlon in Knoxville, TN.  I am also going to be signing up for the Atlanta Track Club, as they have some pretty sweet member benefits and they sponsor some of the road races that I would like to participate in this year.

I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!  I'll be on blogging sometime this week!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Man Blogging can be a pain in the ass sometimes ;)

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I decided today after playing some Wii Golf (I would play actual golf but it is 34 degrees outside!), I would get on the computer and take a look at my blog, and see about giving it a new look, looking at links that need to be updated/removed/added, etc.

I was very sad to see that I am going to have to get rid of about 14 links of people who no longer have active blogs or they have gone private! A few of the people that have gone private I still speak with and we are now facebook friends, so it won't be hard to get put back on those lists. For the rest of them, ttyl! I hope to hear from you again! It's kinda sad, really, that there are some people that I read their life stories and share mine with them. It is like a friend you kept in touch with for years, and then one day you quit talking to them. After awhile you try to contact them, but their phone number does not work, email address has been canceled and they are just gone.

Thankfully there are just as many people who are still around and kicking in the tri-blogging world! A few people even have their race schedules up and I am doing some of the same races as them! Exciting!

I think I am going to spend another half-hour or so today working on planning out my site redesign (listen to me like I am actually going to do web design) and what is/isn't going to be on there. I feel like this is going to be a Blog 2.0 revolution for myself! Happy New Year to all of you!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Back to the grind officially next week.