Friday, November 04, 2011

Ford Ironman Florida 2011, Day 1


After logging into my blogger account and seeing that I have had almost 1,000 unique visitors in the last month, and no posts since July 29th, 2011, I thought I better get to posting.

Mike and Melissa came down on Wednesday as they had a bit more free time for the week.  Earlier in the week, I decided that I would get in a habit of giving myself a curfew.  I have a bad habit of not falling asleep till almost midnight on most nights, so I figured training myself to fall asleep earlier would help, so maybe I can get at least 5+ hours of sleep rather than maybe 3 hours like I normally do.  I got to bed late Wednesday night before I left because I forgot to download the new iPhone iOs software and my computer is so old it took forever to get everything done.  I think I was in bed by 10:45pm.

I got up at 3:45am and after showering, packing (what was left), breakfast, coffee, and stretching, I was out of the house by 4:45am.  It took longer than I thought to get there, but it was good news!  Bevan and John from IMTalk kept me company for the first 4 hours of my trip with days 6 and 7 of their Kona Super special.  Yes I am a bit behind, but it was good listening nonetheless.  Bevan, I was creasing myself about the bathroom thing at the end of the day 7 podcast while I was in the car, I thought I was gonna wreck.  Let's just say that I was very regular and theoretically it happened before race time (I think it happened about 6:20am).  Hooray!  Hopefully, this will bode well for the rest of the trip while I am down here, keep the fingers crossed and pray for me.

I rolled into town around 9:30am and Mike came down to help me bring everything upstairs.  It's really funny, I am fairly light on packing every other trip I try to take, but when it comes to long distance triathlon races, I pack like I am going somewhere for a month!  We needed to use one of those hotel carts and then I still had to hike the bike up to the hotel room. 

After dropping everything in the room, we turned around, grabbed the wetsuits, and went for a swim.  Got BEAT up.  The wind was really pushing the water and there were actually whitecaps in the bay on the way in, so I should have known I was in for it when I got in the Gulf.  We swam for about 10 minutes or so, mostly just to get the fell of ocean swimming more than anything.  There had been rumors of jellyfish during the week, and they did not disappoint.  Although there were not may out there, we had some close encounters, and that is not what I wanted to deal with on my first day in town, not even here for an hour.  Funny story, when we got back to the hotel room, I was cleaning up and I leaned forward and all the sudden I felt like I had a bloody nose out of both nostrils.  Nope, it was sea water coming out of my nasal cavity, lol.

Went to the race registration and sat in line for about 20 minutes.  Didn't buy anything on Thursday, was so proud of myself.  I really want a finisher's jacket this year, I am still pissed I never got one when I finished CDA in 2009.  Speaking of which, I am still kinda fumed I never did that race report.  I guess I could do that, I still remember that whole week pretty vividly.

For lunch we went to The  Back Porch at Pier Park.  Pretty good, I had a Yellowfin Tuna sandwich with bacon and lettuce, it was pretty good.   Too much food though, it came with two sides and we got a cup of soup with our lunch special.  Pint of Blue Moon to wash it all down.  For those of you who have been to a Dick's Last Resort, they are putting one in Pier Park in PCB, I think it is slated to be opened in February.

I came back and took about an hour and a half nap.  Woke up and had a snack, and then ran 2 miles before hitting up dinner.  Went to Spinnaker's last night for dinner.  It was pretty good.  I came home in my food coma and hit the foam roller and stretched before reading in bed.  I think I fell asleep around 10pm.

As far as the day went, I was happy with it.  Standard first day for Ironman Week, get your shit together, get a few small workouts in, and then focus on the rest of your day and chill.  A year has almost past.  It's been a heck of a year.

Till tomorrow,

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