Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ford Ironman Florida 2011 Pictures!!!

Hey Everyone!

I hope all of you had a great Turkey Day, and for those of you who don't celebrate, I hope that you had a great weekend!

I thought I would post my pictures from the event.  There are a couple more that I am trying to get a hold of, but until then.  This is what I got.  Don't laugh too hard at the finisher photos!  I mentioned what happened in part 3 of my race report at the finish line.

Mike (left in both pics) and I on Thursday morning right after I arrived and took my stuff upstairs to the condo.  Gotta get that open water swim practice in before the big race.  Hopefully the water won't be that choppy on race day.  There were a number of jellies about 250 yards out and the radio on the way in was saying that there were huge blooms of jellyfish not too far away.

Mike and I on Friday morning for one last swim before race day.  Water was not quite as bad on Friday compared to Thursday.  Met a couple random participants on the way back to the condo and chatted with them about the race.

 Friday afternoon prior to the Blogger meetup with John, Wes, and I.  Not a bad looking bunch of guys!

Wes took a couple photos of me sitting outside the main venue, the Boardwalk Beach Resort.  Even with my Rev3 visor on, I was squinting so bad an ended up having to take some headache medicine in the afternoon when I got back to the condo.  I think some of the WTC folk weren't too happy that I was sporting a competitor's series visor, but there is nothing like some healthy competition to make all the race series better for all athletes.

It's the Blogger meetup for IMFL 2011!!!  It was great to meet people that I already followed and followed me, and to meet new bloggers and friends who share in the same activity that I am passionate about. :)  From left to right; (front) Matt and Heather.  (rear) Kristine, Mandy, Wes, Colleen, Laura, John, ME, and Kristin.

 Race morning!  Snagged a good picture of me headed into transition to drop off everything, get marked, and prep for the race.  Two cups of coffee and some good sleep gets you a smile like that!

After hitting the head for a third time prior to the race, I donned my wetsuit and randomly run into Wes and Dee Dee who are there to watch the swim start, and were there to spectate the entire race.  

Heading out of the water into T1.  This is the theme of my entire day for my race pictures.  Always behind someone or someone is in the way.  Lol!   Here are another couple photos of me heading out of the water as well.  Wetsuit strippers were quick and nimble and I was out of the suit fast.  Of course it helps when you volunteered as a wetsuit stripper the year before and know how it goes.

Headed out of T1 and just getting out on the bike.  Melissa got the pic of me headed out and got my rear end heading out.

Wes got a pic of me just after the turnaround (left) and then a pic of me headed on the way back in on the bike.  The Dermatone definitely helped me from getting burned out on the bike and the run!

 Headed out from T2 feeling pretty good, and then Mel got a pic of me at mile marker #1, still feeling OK.

 Just after mile marker #3, the wheels were falling off with regards to my legs (at least no leg cramps this race!) and my stomach, but I still somehow kept a smile on my face.  Mike caught up to me about a mile down the road.

 Mike and I after we met up, finishing the first loop.  The turnaround is at the back of the picture, one more lap to go!  I was getting a pep talk from Mike's father who I am looking at standing out of the picture.  Tri-PTC was posted up just past mile one, which was only a couple hundred yards after the turnaround as well.  I got to see April as well on the second lap back in as she was out there cheering people on!  She had entered in Beach to Battleship Full the week before and she got 2nd place!  Way to go April, and thanks for cheering us on!

 Mike and I headed into the finisher's chute.

Andy Murtha, you are an IRONMAN (again)!!!

Post Race Finisher's photos!

There were some other photos, however, these were the best that I have.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.  Have a great rest of your evening and weekend.  Look forward to reading more of your stories, as well as composing more of my own.


Wes said...

awesome pics brother. on to number 3 :-)

Carolina John said...

Very cool man. Great pics indeed.

Born To Endure said...

Cool report and huge congrats!!!!!

Andy said...

Wes, I may be waiting as far as 2013 or 2014 for my next IM. I just wanna have fun and do some shorter distance races, and go visit/volunteer other people race!

CouplaHounds said...

This is great!! I recognize some of the people in your blogger meet up photo, from where else....their blogs!! Congrats on a great race and great spirit throughout!