Friday, November 04, 2011

Ford Ironman Florida 2011, Dedication Speech

This is dedicated to the past 365 days of my life.  The 5am workouts, lunch runs, evening workouts, track workouts with raceMates, time trials, reeking of chlorine every day, saddle sores, beat up legs, and bruised pride.  The workouts in the rain, cold, the Georgia summers, snow, and ice.  For the two a days and the races that helped lead up to this day.

This is for all of my supporters.  My family, friends, and training partners.  For those bloggers that believed in me, and still do.  This is also dedicated to all the pessimists, realists, and optimists.  The people who think I am crazy, stupid, and insane.  For all the people who I know AND and don't know that will be screaming their lungs out as I cross the finish line.  The people who will be tracking me throughout the day.  For all the late nights, social events, and weekends I skipped.

Last of all, this races is dedicated to me.  To my commitment, drive, persistence, perseverance, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.



Christi said...

You got this!

Colleen said...

It was so great meeting you finally on Friday! :) Can't wait to hear how the race went - I mean, I know you kicked butt by the results, but I want to hear about it from your point of view! :)

treadster said...

You had a great race - be proud!