Thursday, August 10, 2006

Eyes and Chlorine pool water do not mix...

Having trouble reading computer screen, eyes are bloodshot, I need to go to Kroger and get some Visine.

So, last night I am pumped about my swim workout. The total distance is not that long, about 1600M, but I am focusing on improving my speed and technique for my upcoming race. I get to LA Fitness, and while walking by the pool to the locker room, I see that there are two lanes open at 7:45p in the evening!!! Even Better. Get to the pool, "Wait, am I forgetting something? Oh S#!t, I forgot my goggles (and cap). I knew that if I went home, I would not come back, so I decided to swim 50M intervals until my eyes could not take it anymore. I was there for about 15-20 minutes and I just could not stand it, I could barely see (I think that they have been putting too much chlorine in it lately, I do not seem to be the only one that is complaining at the gym).

Went home cursing myself. I think I did at least 600M in the pool, but I am not sure. I was focusing too much on only trying to open my eyes every so often to make sure I was not wavering in the lane, and to make sure I was not going to hit the wall.

My little sister has been over at the apartment for the last two days. We are taking care of her since she got her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. I remember when I got mine taken out. I popped a couple of pain pills the doctor gave me, and went to the movie theater that night looking like a chipmunk. I feel bad for her, but she will get better real soon. They sutured her gums up, so there should not be as much of a problem with dry rot or anything of the sort, and the sutures will eventually dissolve anyways. It was nice to see her though.

The rest of the week is up for grabs. I think I am going to run earlier this afternoon, and then I might go back to the pool tonight, since my workout last night sucked. I might be going out of town this weekend, so I might have to double up Friday's workout as well. We shall see. Thanks for the feedback the last couple of days. I will post to you guys later, and see what you have to say!



Steven said...

Swimming sans goggles would suck.

Kudos to you for toughing it out as long as you did.

I would have gone home!

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