Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Sky is falling, The Sky is falling!!!

Sometimes in life, when you ask for it, you get it.

Fortunately for me, I posted to 3Sports' blog yesterday, and asked if she could send some of the water out West our way. I think she sent the rain gods or something, because here is what happened.

I was very motivated yesterday. Rear bottle cage mount assembled this weekend (training with it, not going to use it during the race), as well as my new TOPEAK Comp 150 Wireless computer. I got to the parking lot for Tuesday night's Sandy Springs ride with Cycleworks, and the sky decided to fall. And we are not just talking huge raindrops (and lots of them too, I actually felt like I was swimming in the parking lot), lightning and thunder as well. There were about 15 of us who stayed and tried to ride the weather out and it did not let up until 7:15p. It was sooo dark that we could not even go out and do half the ride and be back before 8:00p, it would have been pitch black outside due to the sky. I felt like a woman who gets all dressed up to go out on a date with a guy she really likes, and then gets stood up after waiting for an hour at the meeting location.

When I drove back to the apartment I went in the back entrance, as usual, and the maintenance worker was trying to unclog the storm drain near the trash compactor (water was knee deep in that area, my tires submerged. When I got done gawking at that I turned forward and there was a damn tree block almost the entire drive, except where they had chainsawed. Damn thing got split in half by lightning. I went around and then passed a fire engine, and thought, "what now, could it get any worse?" I could not go any further, due to the fact that power lines went down and they had blocked the area off until GA power could come out (did not come out until first thing this morning, I believe that it was a power line that was not critical to the grid or something). So I went back out the way I came and went in the front entrance to drive around. Debris everywhere, and two trees that got hit by lightning exploded and sent some of the branches flying off of the trees. Not pretty. Looked like a war zone or something in my apartment complex. Cable and Internet out, but electricity was on. Good. Air Conditioning work. Andy like.

Did not go to the gym (bad me!), and did not have any dinner, other than the PBJ I had at 5:30p, so my stomach thinks that my throat has been cut (Quoted from the movie Quigley Down Under).

Did not sleep well last night, two hours only.

Need a nap after work today.

Forecast is for afternoon thunderstorms the rest of the week, due to the heat and humidity.

Murtha out... (mentally as well)

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Fe-lady said...

Sorry about too much rain! (IT's especially bad when you have to cancel an important ride!)
I don't sleep well when it's thundering and lighning all around-not because I am afraid or anything, I just usually want to watch the show!
Hope you can make up the ride this weekend!