Thursday, August 03, 2006

Three Days OFF!!! Bad Andy!!!...Wait, a min...

Hello All,

It seems that everyone kind of had a posting hiatus this weekend when I was "blowsing" (short for blog browsing, pronounced like browsing, just with a "bl"at the beginning).

So, here is how my week has gone so far...

(rest day)

Supposed to bike on Tuesday night Sandy Springs ride (26 mile ride), but if you look at previous post, you will see that the weather got pissed off at Atlanta.

Lazy Ass, needed a nap from lack of sleep on Tuesday night, and decided I needed to do laundry or else start turning underwear inside out.........................................Laundry was done.



2 5K's (Chastain Loop)
1st Loop: 21MIN 14SEC!!!!!
2nd Loop: 27min 54sec

How in the hell did that first loop happen. Well I was wearing my new kicks (Asics GT2110, see Tuesday's post), which did give me blisters on the inside of my feet, but I also tried a few different things with three days rest. For some reason I decided to get Runner's World and Running Times today, and Running Times had this great article about the number of strides and stride length that professional runners versus amaetur athletes complete while running. Tried increasing my stride rate, and it seemed to help a bit, I just need to work on my breathing technique some more.

Oh and it was only 93-94 degrees outside with about 50-60% humidity this evening while running. I am sure that most of you have felt the same way out there in blogland with your workouts. I really need to get on the morning kick. Maybe I should just get one of you guys on the east coast to call me @ 5:00am when you get up and harass me until I get out of bed.

Tomorrow I have to workout in the morning, so that I can go out in the evening with Jackie's friends. Actually, they are my friends too now. One of the other girls is setting up someone on a blind date with one of her co-workers. We are trying to make it a group event to help things along.

I really like some of the posts this week, the funniest being TriGeek's two days of the problems men and women face with their more "sensitive parts" while competing in/training for triathlons. Here are his posts.

Post 1
Post 2



Erik Mann said...

great topic, keep up the great posts, MMA

Comm's said...

for a moment I thought I read 'Blousing' and began to see a womans shirt on you. Thank god you clarified that!!!