Friday, August 18, 2006

My New Cheerleading Squad!!!

Hi All,

I thought this should deserve its own post. I will post another one later tonight or early tomrorrow morning. I know it has been a few days since I have posted, but I have been keeping myself busy outside of work, so I have not spent time trying to post to my blog. I did however run through Iron Wil and the Kahuna's podcast as soon as they put it out. And wouldn't you know it, RoboStu was on there as well. It is one of my new forms of crack, along with the Xbox (I started playing Fable again, and logging an average of about an hour a day at least).

So, a few months ago, I thought it would be a good idea to get a few more people to come to the Tri Peachtree City than last year (I got four, which was awsome, but I wanted more). Well I think planning ahead and asking everyone has really paid off. My best friend Matt called me the other day and asked me how many people were coming, since he wanted to have an early post race lunch at the pizza place which is one of the sponsors for the event. **NOTE** I do not eat the pizza from the sponsor since it really, really sucks, so I get a sandwhich or salad from them. I told him I would have to get back to him. After tallying up everyone, it looks like I am going to have between 11-15 people showing up!!! Are you kidding?!?!?!!? I counted twice just to make sure. My little sister and about three other people are in limbo due to work/other obligations, but everyone else is a go! Jackie's parents wanted to come, but she put the kibash on that real quick (yes I just wrote down "kibash"). I think they would have a really great time, but I am not going to aruge with her.

How cool is that?!? It puts me on some kind of high to see that kind of support from friends, family, significant others, co-workers, boss, etc. I have heard rumors of posterboards and t-shirts with my name on it, but they do not have to go that far. I feel a bit of pressure due to the fact that so many people might actually be there, I have to preform like a pro, like there are some kind of expectations or something. Well I have expectations of how I want to do........PODIUM FINISH!!!!!

I am planning on everyone to take lots of pictures (meaning everyone else take pictures for me, since I am still in the dark ages, without a camera). I will be able to post. Hopefully Matt (the best friend I mentioned earlier) took time off so he does not actually have to work the event (he is on the peachtree city police force). One of his other friends, Brad, might actually have to work the event, so he might be there anyways holding up traffic for me on the bike ride.

And of course, I will have all of you thinking about me over the weekend, just like I think about all of you during your race weekends, waiting to hear your race report of what happened.

That's all for now...


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Shelley said...

Yes pics are great!! You MUST have pics..:-)