Friday, February 04, 2011

The Friday Review for 02/04/2011...

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope that everyone had about as good of a week as I had.  Well except for Tuesday.  I pretty much bombed my Advanced Accounting exam (scores to be posted by Tuesday).  Even with cutting out the training for more study time, it did not help.  Should have gone and worked out anyways. 

Other than that I got in some good runs this week.  I also found an extension to my Chastain Park loop, which extends it another three quarters of a mile.  The only downer (or great thing if you are into S&M) if that it adds a LOT of elevation to the run.  I guess it is not so much a bad thing, but if I want a flat run, that is not going to cut it for me.

I have begun using the running ahead training log on Facebook to generically track my workouts.  While it takes in all kinds of great data, I have some spreadsheets I created a long time ago for IM training that are event better.  But it takes time for me to do that, and I like just entering the data and having it spat back out at me with what I am looking for. 

I will get in my second run of the week tonight, and then my third run tomorrow with the West Stride Support group at 8am.  They are involved with the Publix Georgia Marathon/Half Marathon and will also be doing some of the pace groups for the event.  I signed up for the group for the past two years, and I figured why not, I love the company and I like all the fun stuff they put together for runners in the Atlanta area.  Sunday will be a 2 a day workout, I will get a run and swim in and then take Monday off from running.  4 days in a week is not bad. 

I also purchased a new saddle for my good ol' Allez today.  Probably the biggest upgrade of recent memory for this trust steed.  I got the ISM Adamo Road saddle from All3Sports.  Cashed in my gift certificates from Christmas so I ended up getting a $100 off for the saddle.  Pretty good stuff.  I was wavering between the ISM and the Fizik Airone Tri2 saddle, however, there was only a $10 difference (my choice was $10 more) and the fact that there has been a lot of research done lately about cycling and issues with sexual organs in both men and women.  Triathlete Magazine's February issue ("In the Hot Seat," p. 91) has an article about this, and I am really glad I read this before I made my purchase.  Don't get me wrong, I think that Fizik is a great saddle company, however, I need to keep "my boys" in top shape, and if purchasing a saddle that is shaped like a tuning fork is going to do that for me, then hells yes I am going to purchase an Adamo saddle.

Last but not least, I was browsing the triathlon/running blogosphere and I found out that Jess got featured in a popular running blog that deals with Mothers who Run.  The author of the blog has also written a book and has a few followers.  Here is the blog (post featuring Jess)...

Run like a Mother

Well that is about all I have today!  I will get you my follow up to my race report soon enough. 

BTW what are you guys doing this weekend in general?  What about for training? 



Christi said...

I like the new saddle!

I am skiing this weekend!

Molly said...

I've used that saddle for almost 2 years now and I LOVE it!