Friday, February 04, 2011

My Orbea - Or more like what my Orbea would be if I had money :)

So one of my friends Dee Dee posted on her Facebook page the other day, a bike that she outfitted through Orbea.  It lets you customize certain features and then not only tells you how much it will cost, but it will allow to you share it with friends and purchase it if you wish.  She went all out and her price tag ended up being just under $11,000.  I was a bit more modest just because I wanted to see how much one would cost if I was to go out and buy one right now.  Just for funsies.

Here is Dee Dee's link.

Here is my link.

You should go try it as well!  Always fun to do even if you are not in the market, or if you are just doing some window shopping like myself ;)


Christi said...

I have an Orbea road bike and I love her! Awesome bike. Now I am off to see what I can get in an Orbea tri-bike!

P said...

$11,000?! That's more than I paid for my car! You crazy tri kids and your expensive toys...