Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The meaning of Ironman vs. the Ironman brand (Part 2: From a Pro's Perspective)

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I got a bit inspired this morning from one of our local pro triathletes here in Atlanta, so I wanted to get this on the blog today!  April Gellatly-Burkey resides in Atlanta and has been a pro for a number of years now, while also coaching on some of the local triathlon teams, private training sessions, and consulting with local news media on all things triathlon.  I have been to a few of her open swim sessions with Tri-PTC, and have seen her at the Southeastern Multi-sport Expo, as well as a few other places.  She is a great person, and a great representation of our sport.  Here is a photo of her from Rev3 Cedar Point.

In December 2010 I posted a blog titled: "What's your Opinion? The meaning of Ironman vs. the Ironman brand" (click on the link to read)

Today April was inspired by a blogger talking about "Fighting the Good Fight" and is trying to apply it to her endeavours of furthering her career in triathlon both on the WTC circuit as well as other national triathlon circuits.  All coming from the perspective of a pro-triathlete.  I think you will like both her post and the post that inspired her.  I like it when people think with the glass half full :)

AprilGellatly.com: We Must Never Stop Dreaming

Paul Coelho's Blog:  The Good Fight


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