Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bike Parts, Closed Pools and Charities!

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope your week is going well so far. Once again my software I need to do my job is down, so I am stuck here twiddling my thumbs once again, and I figured I would bang out a blog post. I have caught up on most of y'alls blog posts through Monday or so, and it is good to see you all doing so well :) I still need to update my blog roll by getting rid of some bloggers that no longer blog, reach out one more time to the people that have taken their blogs private (i.e. read about them for 3-4 years straight and then they leave me on the side walk going private :(, and finally making sure all the new blogging buddies I have are on my blog roll.

I still have not done the final touches to my blog redesign (permanent link pages for things like scheduling, blog roll, other pages, etc.), and I have something special in store I hope you will help me to participate in for various charities. All you will have to do is come visit and click when you are done, and you will help me to donate to various triathlon charities such as Challenged Triathlete Foundation and Triabetes. Note you won't even have to donate money to help me!!! Well if you want to donate I can tell you where to send the money :) I will do my best to get that all done by Sunday!

So I got all my bike parts in last night, and my buddy Kevin, who used to cycle for the Georgia Tech Cycling Team, is going to help me Sunday morning putting the new components on the bike, and then we will go out for a ride on one of the Roswell Loops. It will be good to get out there again. I also have schedule to get out there EARLY Saturday morning with my friend Maria and do some riding with her for an hour or so. She is training for something in August (she needs to be able to ride 75 miles), I guess I could google stalk which event she is doing, but I am sure she will tell me this weekend. Other than that I need to get some key long runs in and quit missing my swim sessions. There are only twenty - some days left till Publix Georgia Half Marathon. The goal of that race is to FINISH, and to finish running the entire event. No walking (OK walking while taking water at aid stations is fine :). There are a lot of people I know doing this and we are all "gaming" each other to see who is gonna finish faster. I just need to focus on me. And if they kick my ass, then I will shake their hand and say, "maybe next year..."

LA Fitness pools are one of the reasons I have missed swim workouts (well, mostly because I have been lazy). This morning I had a scheduled swim and so I went to the Sandy Springs location. Something was wrong with the pool. No worries, I have enough time to drive to the Atlantic Station location and use that pool. Get there and a sign is posted that the pump for the pool and the hot tub was broken. Epic Fail. I decided to head over to the Buckhead location (which was on the way home, where I was going) to ask when they were going to complete the pool at that location. Now this was on February and made it in some local publications. I walked in and asked when their ETA to finish the pool was, and the girl looked at me like I had a third eye. She told me there was no plan for a pool, and then I told her about the PR release from LA Fitness and also what did she think the construction at the back of the building was for??? Geez. I might as well put in my 60 days and join some other group/club. I just don't want to miss out on weight rooms and other things that LA Fitness provides.

Looking forward to Friday and the weekend! Got a lot of stuff happening. Will call around to a few other LA Fitness locations to make sure that I am not driving around in vain like I was this morning. Hopefully by Sunday I will have the rest of the site changes up, as well as the charity thing set up for you guys to begin participating in!  Have a good rest of the week.

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Georgia Triathlete said...

A pool at the Buckhead LA Fitness? That would be great - I work about two blocks away but usually swim at the Toco Hill location on my way home. Being able to get in a swim during the work day would be excellent. Can you point me to the press release?