Sunday, March 27, 2011

MIA (damn school) and my first bike injury!!!

Spring has sprung!

Definitely working on this at the 11th hour (literally), however on a beautiful day like this, why would one want to blogging when they could be enjoying the beautiful weather outside?  My thoughts exactly!

School really kicked my butt this weekend.  I have this new twitter feed for my blog, and on some of my first few tweets, I was referencing AccountingMan 2011 (part 1).  That ended on Thursday.  I think I got a B on the exam.  Not exactly what I was looking for, but there are lots of opportunities to make up for it the rest of this semester.  My training was kinda lax this week because of it.  I will make up for it this weekend.  Part two of AccountingMan 2011 is this coming Tuesday.  Yes I should be studying tonight, however, how would I get my blog post in???   Update:  I have since had the exam on Tuesday and it sucked.  I made a 100 on my project that was due on Thursday, and spent most of the day yesterday inside in class.  At least the weather was not nice, so I don't feel too bad!

Publix Georgia Half Marathon!!!

I finished in 1:57:36

More to come on that in an official race report.  Roughly 3 min off my PR finish.  So not bad considering my entire month of January was botched because of illness.

Prepping for Peachtree International Triathlon (and if you wanna podium at an event.... super sprint).

Got a little under 50 days till my first triathlon of the year.  Little behind on my training, but at this point I will be able to finish the race.  However, my hopes of making top third for AG Nationals is flying out the window fast.  The problem is school.  Damn other priorities in life!!!  I am excited that it is coming to and end and I will have an advanced degree that I can actually use.  Training throughout he summer is gonna be a bit sketchy with school, however I think I will definitely going to get the volume in.  It is just not gonna look pretty!

By the way if you are near the Atlanta area and want to get a podium finish potentially for your AG, you should come the weekend of the Peachtree International Triathlon and compete in their other race the Super Sprint.  It is shorter than a sprint distance race, and with all of the focus on the Oly Distance this year in conjunction with the SE Regional Champs, I don't think there will be many people bellying up to the line for the Super Sprint, save maybe newbies, and other triathletes that have the same idea as me. 

EBay auctions for Christchurch

The auctions from the IMTalk podcast have ended, and I think they broke over $15000 USD to raise money for the victims of Christchurch.  They had memorabilia donated by pros, and major race companies donated entries to bid on for the event (a couple of them were the Hood to Coast relay and the Norseman).  Thank you to any of you who may have participated in the bidding.  And even if you did not win anything, if you still want to donate, any donations made this week to the IMTalk podcast will go to the earthquake victims in New Zealand, rather than their usual goal which is to send Bevin and John to Kona for great coverage of the World Championships.

And that reminds me, after this week, they will be back to their regular donations towards their trip to Kona.  They basically show up and do tons of Kona coverage throughout the whole week including the race and get interview with pros and various other folks while they are there.  Last year's coverage was amazing, and if you are looking for something fun, different and informative (and not NBC/WTC coverage related) these are the guys to listen to.  I get an extra check in April, so I will be sending my first of many donations to help get Bevin and John to Kona so that this year's coverage can be even better than last year! 

Did not feel like reporting on them, however, Ironman Singapore 70.3 and Ironman San Juan 70.3.  If you want to check out some race results and stuff, check out Slowtwitch or Xtri as seems to have already threaded them out of their news cycle.  70.3 Oceanside is this coming weekend and should be a pretty good turnout for the pro field this year.  With the new points series for pros this year, you see more and more pros getting out there trying to scoop up points earlier in the season.  Opposed to prior seasons, where a pro/top AG'er had to show up and qualify and then they were off to Kona or Clearwater/Lake Las Vegas (70.3 Champs).

Are any of you Catholic? If so, what did you give up for lent? (for those of you who aren't are you playing the game also?)  I decided this year to change my focus for lent back onto myself and my health.  So the two things which I have decided to do is to not drink and also to not eat Zaxby's.  For those of you who don't know what Zaxby's is, you can Google it.  It is a fast casual food chain that specializes in chicken fingers and various other chicken related items.  I normally would eat there once a week.  A regular chicken finger plate with an extra Zaxby's sauce and an unsweet tea is over 1500 calories (I believe).  While I can burn that off no problem, that is not the most healthy thing for me to be eating, especially once a week.  As for the alcohol, I think it is good for me to purge and no have any for a while.  I don't need it, and who knows, maybe I will finally be a cheap drunk when it is all said and done. 

How are you modifying your training for race season beginning and the transition to springtime???  Let me know!  And you guys have a great rest of your weekend!


Andrew said...

Great job on the half mary. Solid time on a illness stricken training schedule.

To answer your other question--I begin to modify my training from general to race specific training this type of year. Leading up to April, I am just trying to train consistently--swim 2-3x a week, continue to push my FTP up, and run more and more.

Now it is time to switch over into specified training blocks. For me, I will be targeting my rides (X miles at 90% of FTP) and my runs (zeroing in on 10k pace and harder bricks). General volume goes down intensity goes up.

Wes said...

balancing school, work, and triathlon = priceless... keep up the good work, brutha murtha!

Jessica said...

Congrats on the PR! And hang in there training plus school - that is insane!