Friday, March 04, 2011

The Friday Review!!! March 4th, 2011

Good Morning Everyone!  Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a good week this week!  I think the weather was nice for most of us, and with spring rearing its two heads (lovely weather and allergy season for all of you that suffer), I think the 2011 triathlon season is in order :)  I was up late last night on the phone, so I skipped my swim workout this morning (again), but never fear!  I put everything in the car so when I head home, I can stop by LA Fitness and get some laps in before the weekend.  Now onto some good (and unfortunately bad) stuff that has/is going on this week.

Brazil Critical Mass Incident  (news from Everyman Triathlon)

We will start with the bad news first.  Last weekend, there was a critical mass ride going on in Brazil this past weekend.  Apparently there was a motorist in a WV that had been following the group for a number of minutes and wanted to pass through the cycling group that was going in the same direction as him.  The driver got more and more irate as he could not pass the hundreds of riders filling up the street.  Finally he decided to run a red light and DRIVE THROUGH THE ENTIRE CRITICAL MASS GROUP!

25 people were injured, 30 bikes were totalled.  More than 11 of those people went to the hospital, and two were seriously injured.  The driver of the car sped off and fled the scene.  He did not return home, and furthermore abandoned his car.  I don't know if he turned himself in, or if someone found him, but the police apprehended him the middle of the week.  Here are the links of what transpired via video.

Brazil Critical Mass Incident
(you will have to sign in as a user for this video it has been flagged with footage that may be considered inappropriate for some viewers)

Ironman New Zealand/Earthquake/Scammers/!

Kind of like Jimmy Buffett's famous line, "It's five o'clock somewhere," It is always summer somewhere in the world.  And it seems to be coming towards the end of the tri season in the southern hemisphere (kind of our September in the Northern Hemisphere).  Ironman New Zealand is race number 2 of 4  down under (not counting Brazil because it is much closer to the Equator) and there are some big names showing up for the event.  Cameron Brown will be attempting to WIN THIS EVENT FOR THE 10th TIME.  I mean, he has already won the damn thing 9 times, I don't know if I would show up if I was trying to compete ;) "What Cameron is competing again this year, well damn it, I guess I am not winning..." Under the new points system that the WTC instituted for 2011 and going forward, some pros are lined up at the event trying to get a head start on the 2011 season.  While Macca and Rinny need to just show up and participate in an Iron-distance event this year, the rest of the pro field has their work cut our for them.  I attempted to get a pro-athlete list before the race (which begins at 12:00pm EST TODAY!!!)  I will have some sort of results posted for you guys over the weekend.

Most of you by now have heard about the horrific earthquake that occurred on February 22nd in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Some of these survivors of the event are participating in this weekend's Ironman in about an hour and a half.  After going through months of training and prepping for this race, their lives have been upturned with something that is beyond their control to handle.  However, they are coping, picking up the pieces, moving forward, and finding a way to compete in the event this weekend.  The WTC will be issuing special race numbers to them for the event, and hopefully there will be some extra cheering from the crowds when they complete the race this year.

Race Coverage for Ironman New Zealand

Where to donate to assist the people of Christchurch

Tri Season Beginning in GA!  (news via Georgia Triathlete)

SEE ME 2011 has come and gone and now our first triathlon in GA of the season (outdoors) in Savannah.  I am so happy about this.  For those of you who read and don't compete, you can maybe liken this to college football fans.  They pretty much mourn not being able to do anything from mid January through August, and then are so excited when fall comes.  Same goes here.    I think the race is kinda pricey myself, but I am sure there will be a field there nonetheless. 

New Bike!

So I have kinda been holding out on you guys and gals. Well, Wes knew, but I was trying to keep it quiet till the first race of the season.  Then my training buddy had to go out and get a Trek 7.0 Speed Concept.  So I could not keep it quiet any longer.  Yes I did honestly get my parts for my bike (pictures are in my older posts) and those are going on the Roadie on Sunday.  However, this year will be my 7th season in the sport, so I decided to treat myself.  Here she is!

Ain't she a beaut?
I still need to name her... any ideas???

Training and Misc (e.g. What in the heck I have been up to!) 

I am about 25% of the way done with my static pages for my blog.  I just read the fine print on how I am gonna get this Charity fundraiser thing to work.  I think it will be a bit tricky, however I think I can pull it off.  I am proud of myself, I have worked out every day this week without fail, and when I hit up my swim this afternoon, 5 days in a row!  Plus I have riding plans with some of my friends over the weekend, including during the rain.  Gotta do it!  Only other thing that is planned is the Sham Rock Fest in Atlanta for St. Patrick's Day on Saturday.  Oh and Studying.  Advanced accounting is such a bear right now.

Bib # 8668

Probably butchering this phrase, but it looks like a numerical palindrome :)  15 days and change.  I am ready.  To finish that is.  I just want to be able to cover the distance running.  I don't care what my time is, although I would love to finish sub two hours.  We shall see.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!


Kat said...
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Kat said...

Beautiful bike! Good luck on your upcoming race, too!

Kona Shelley said...

That video was horrible, how can someone do that to people?? guhhh well I do LOVE your bike....I need a name for my new bike too..can't wait to see it!