Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I turned to the Dark (USAT) Side!!!


So today I sat down and look at my potential schedule for my 3rd triathlon season, and saw how many races that I wanted to attempt to complete...

It's that $9 fee!!! The previous two years, I have only done just enough races for it to economically not make sense to sign up with the USAT. At this point in time, joining the USAT is only for economic reasons, up until the time that the organization actually has something to contribute, OR, I become a semi-pro/pro athlete where being in the points system to qualify for nationals and/or worlds would be worth it. If you look at my blog, I am planning to do 6 races, and possibly more. That would pay for my entry fee about 1.5 times in saving $9 per race.

Its Official!!! For the first time (and probably not the last) in my now 3rd season of being a triathlete, I am an official member of USA Triathlon. I am granted all the rights and responsibilities that come along with being a member of USAT.

More to follow.....

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