Friday, January 26, 2007

Wednedsay Workout...


They let me go from work early on Wednesday night, so I hurried home, for me that is about 30 minutes, and went to the gym. Did a run on the treadmill and a bit of stretching before the gym closed.

Workout - Run
Time: 32.29 (5K only)
Distance: 5K then 2min cooldown
Avg Pace: ~10min 28 sec
Avg Speed:5.7 on treadmill (started at 5, moved up to 7.5 by the end of workout.)

RPE: ranged from 4 at the beginning of the workout to 7-7.5 at the end.

Basically the last half mile or so I increased my speed every 15 seconds.

At my new gym location you can see the pool from the cardio area upstairs, and i saw that they had fixed the lane bouy already from the other night. If I see those two kids, I am definately turning them in.

I have some prior obligations to attend to Saturday during the day, so no outside workouts for me, I will have to get to the gym before it closes at eight. I will most likely swim, and then ride during the day on Sunday.

That is about all for now.



Wes said...

Hey Andy!

What gym do you go to? I just joined Bally's fitness off Barrett Pkwy. They seem to be open at fairly decent hours. I joined mainly to just use the pool, on a month to month basis. Just not sure what's going to happen with the job, but I wanted to get lots of swimming in before May. 7.5 is an impressive speed for me. I think that was the speed I used on one of my fartlek legs last week. It wasn't overly taxing, but I don't think I could run that fast for long! Hopefully, eventually, I will work my way up to it.

TJ said...

those pesky pool kids!!!!
they're almost as bad as really-big-breaststroke-guy at my gym. he gets the waves going so much it's like open water swimming.