Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saturday Workout...

Good Morning...

Yesterday morning my plans got cancelled. While that totally freed up my day to do "whatever" I wanted to do, I have to reschedule it yet again. Now that I am working two jobs (oh yeah, I am also now working at Wolfgang Puck Express cicra Christmas week for some extra money), it is really hard when you have something to do, finally get it scheduled in to your life, and then it gets cancelled.

In lieu of all this, I decided to go for a run. Chattahooche river run in Marietta. It was about 37 degrees out there, so it took most of the run before my hands finally warmed up

Workout - Run
Distance: 2.25 miles (5K total)
Time: ~19 minutes (+ the other 15 minutes from walking, explained below)
Pace: 8min 26sec/mile
RPE: 4-5

Jackie and one of her friends said that they would be there walking about 6 miles or so. I got there much later, so I ran until I saw them on the backside of the 5K loop, and then I walked with them (it was a pretty good pace walk) until we got back to the cars.

Group of older male runners (prob 50's) drinking beer in the parking lot post run. Must be for that carb recovery....... Oh wait Andy, didn't you just say that you were running in a state park? Isn't drinking there illegal? Why yes it is! But did I care, heck no! I would have asked him for one acutally....

Going to get out there and do something here in a little while. I have not ridden my bike since I have put the aerobars on it (Yes I know! I still owe you guys pictures!! If I can set up a pic account online today, then I will post them). I know it is only 40 degrees out there or something, but I think I can handle putting some "base miles" in (i.e. meaning slow ones so I do not feel any colder).

Went to all3sports yesterday and picked up some more nutrition! For all of you raceAthlete members out there, I hope you will be happy, I am going to try some NuuN!!! I got the citrus flavor.

I also have a little announcement to make, but I will do so in another post. I feel it deserves one.


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Wes said...

Absolutely gorgeous day to be outside for sure. I ended up in the pool :-)