Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Isn't there supposed to be a lane bouy there?....Wait! Hey you f'ing kids!!!

Late night (or early morning depending on what type of person you are)...

Had trouble sleeping tonight.


First my workout. Nothing special other than swimming.

Total Time: Aboout 30 minutes (off and on)
Workout: 100 and 200 M intervals. Mostly freestyle, and tried working on my technique
a bit. Mostly trying to hit the "10 and 2" spots on my entry, and my pull
(which still is not that great, but better than the old windmill moves).

Now onto my post title. So I get to the gym around 8:20p and change. I get out to the pool area and there are two hispanics just hanging out in the first lane, and there are two kids who look to be putting the lane bouy back in place to separate the 2nd and 3rd lane. I then noticed that the pieces that fit on the line to keep the thing bouyant were all over the pool. One of the kids (there were two) was trying to put it back together, and the other kid was sitting on the steps in the first lane trying to get the other guy to leave. Oh, and there was someone in the spa (which is important).

They get out and leave and I start bitching about how people break stuff. I have everything on in the pool and about to take off (thank god for lane lines), when the person from the spa comes over to inform me that the two teenagers that were in the pool attempting to fix the lane bouy (is that what they call it?) were the ones that broke it!!! Supposedly they had been horsing around in the pool, cannonballs, etc... and one of them laid on or landed on the line and broke it at the connection. I later found out from mgmt that it was going to cost $400 to fix. The wire line snapped at the connection. Nice to know that my monthly gym fee is going towards something.

Mgmt did say though that they water aerobics class would love it since that is one less lane bouy that they would have to take out and put back in the pool.

Great! Thanks a whole bunch spa guy..... Don't go tell any of the mgmt or sales team about it, don't yell at them for doing something wrong, just wait and tell me after they leave the building and I get in the pool so none of us can do anything about it.

I told the management about it after I left for the evening, and I told them I would be on the lookout for them if I saw either of them again. By the way this is a well renowned adult gym (LA Fitness), not some fly by night outfit for immature teens to play at. I am sure that their parents are paying for the membership, and will never find out about this (unless I catch them, and I will).

I will have some pictures for you posted tomorrow of my new gear (aerobars and some cool bike socks I could not be without!!!). If anyone has any suggestions on one of these free picture sites, please let me know so that i can get one going.

I have seen flickr as well as the blogger pic site. I also want to do a big overhaul of my blog, to catch up with all the big fish (i.e. banner, pics, opinion polls, etc) to make it more appealing. I think it is just the natural evolution of things. You get started with something and then feel accomplished, and after awhile just doing it is not good enough, you want to do better. Hmmm, that quote might work well in triathlon as well as in life in general.........



Comm's said...

I am a fan of flickr. For some reason I can't transfer from my pc to blogger with the blogger upload button so I upload to flickr first and transfer from that.

For digital picture management in my pc i use picasa2. Its free online and much better than Window media veiwer or kodak and certainly superior to the cheap viewer that comes with a digicam. You can also upload to blogger from picasa.

Wes said...

That's really too bad that a little horseplay ends up in making things worse for everyone. I use the picture stuff in blogger just fine, but to each his own. Flickr is nice in that you can build gallerys of photos.

That's really interesting about your technique. I'm just getting started with my swim, focusing on decent form and building a base.