Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ironman Florida 70.3!!!

Registrations for this year have finally begun!!

I decided that I would get some more motivation over the past weekend by actually signing up for some of my races. I looked at my calendar, looked at my work schedule, days off, etc, and came up with my first couple of races for the year.

I am going to have to update my blog for my 2007 schedule, as well as my time countdown clock.

Here we go

Tri the Parks (Georgia) Series Race #1 - John Tanner State Park, Carollton, GA
April 28th

Ironman Florida 70.3 - Orlando, FL
May 20th

I still have one more race to sign up for in this timeline, and that is the "5 boroughs bike tour" in New York. This is May6th. You might be asking if that is too close to IMFL 70.3? Maybe but it is not a serious race. It is a leisurely 42 mile bike ride through all the 5 boroughs, and it is not supposed to be a race unless you are in the pro race circut. I have never actually been to New York before, so I thought it would be a good experience.

My next leg for the year will be completing the Peachtree Road race (assuming I get signed up for it) on July 4th. I will schedule no races during this time so I get about two months off until my next set of races that will run me from August until the South Carolina Half Ironman in October.

This will set me up for my 2008 season, where I will actually complete an Ironman! I will have to sign up for the event in 2007 due to the popularity of the Ironman North America series. I mean, this is Kentucky's first year, and they sold out fast. IMFL sold out in an hour. I really do not want to wait until late in the year in 2008 (i.e. IMFL) to complete a full Ironman, so I will have to look to other races to complete. Maybe Arizona! I could go hang with the Commodore if he completes it in 2008, and my family would only be a 3 hour drive away from the event, and my grandparents would be in Mesa.

Also, I know I am jumping the gun here, but depending on how far down the top 8-10 slots for my age group in IMFL 70.3 go, there is a slight chance I could qualify for Clearwater (IM 70.3 championships) in October. I am not going to be in the top 10 in my age group, but the other issue is that not everyone that finishes the race before me will want to (or have the money to) go to Clearwater. Last year it got all the way down to 5 hours and 40 minutes in my age group before the last person took the final slot.

If this happens, then obviously I will be sub'ing Clearwater for the South Carolina HIM. We shall see.....


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saturday Workout...

Good Morning...

Yesterday morning my plans got cancelled. While that totally freed up my day to do "whatever" I wanted to do, I have to reschedule it yet again. Now that I am working two jobs (oh yeah, I am also now working at Wolfgang Puck Express cicra Christmas week for some extra money), it is really hard when you have something to do, finally get it scheduled in to your life, and then it gets cancelled.

In lieu of all this, I decided to go for a run. Chattahooche river run in Marietta. It was about 37 degrees out there, so it took most of the run before my hands finally warmed up

Workout - Run
Distance: 2.25 miles (5K total)
Time: ~19 minutes (+ the other 15 minutes from walking, explained below)
Pace: 8min 26sec/mile
RPE: 4-5

Jackie and one of her friends said that they would be there walking about 6 miles or so. I got there much later, so I ran until I saw them on the backside of the 5K loop, and then I walked with them (it was a pretty good pace walk) until we got back to the cars.

Group of older male runners (prob 50's) drinking beer in the parking lot post run. Must be for that carb recovery....... Oh wait Andy, didn't you just say that you were running in a state park? Isn't drinking there illegal? Why yes it is! But did I care, heck no! I would have asked him for one acutally....

Going to get out there and do something here in a little while. I have not ridden my bike since I have put the aerobars on it (Yes I know! I still owe you guys pictures!! If I can set up a pic account online today, then I will post them). I know it is only 40 degrees out there or something, but I think I can handle putting some "base miles" in (i.e. meaning slow ones so I do not feel any colder).

Went to all3sports yesterday and picked up some more nutrition! For all of you raceAthlete members out there, I hope you will be happy, I am going to try some NuuN!!! I got the citrus flavor.

I also have a little announcement to make, but I will do so in another post. I feel it deserves one.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Wednedsay Workout...


They let me go from work early on Wednesday night, so I hurried home, for me that is about 30 minutes, and went to the gym. Did a run on the treadmill and a bit of stretching before the gym closed.

Workout - Run
Time: 32.29 (5K only)
Distance: 5K then 2min cooldown
Avg Pace: ~10min 28 sec
Avg Speed:5.7 on treadmill (started at 5, moved up to 7.5 by the end of workout.)

RPE: ranged from 4 at the beginning of the workout to 7-7.5 at the end.

Basically the last half mile or so I increased my speed every 15 seconds.

At my new gym location you can see the pool from the cardio area upstairs, and i saw that they had fixed the lane bouy already from the other night. If I see those two kids, I am definately turning them in.

I have some prior obligations to attend to Saturday during the day, so no outside workouts for me, I will have to get to the gym before it closes at eight. I will most likely swim, and then ride during the day on Sunday.

That is about all for now.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Blogger Everyone!!!

(dee dee d d dee dee dee d d d......that news music thing you used to hear on SNL)

Breaking news!!!

Jackie now has her own blog!!! She will now be able to comment on everyone's (specifically Jessica's blog) blog and have her own posts. The blog is currently under construction by your's truly, and then she will begin posting. If you want the link, or you want to hyperlink it on your page,

Gotta love those Polish last names!!!

Isn't there supposed to be a lane bouy there?....Wait! Hey you f'ing kids!!!

Late night (or early morning depending on what type of person you are)...

Had trouble sleeping tonight.


First my workout. Nothing special other than swimming.

Total Time: Aboout 30 minutes (off and on)
Workout: 100 and 200 M intervals. Mostly freestyle, and tried working on my technique
a bit. Mostly trying to hit the "10 and 2" spots on my entry, and my pull
(which still is not that great, but better than the old windmill moves).

Now onto my post title. So I get to the gym around 8:20p and change. I get out to the pool area and there are two hispanics just hanging out in the first lane, and there are two kids who look to be putting the lane bouy back in place to separate the 2nd and 3rd lane. I then noticed that the pieces that fit on the line to keep the thing bouyant were all over the pool. One of the kids (there were two) was trying to put it back together, and the other kid was sitting on the steps in the first lane trying to get the other guy to leave. Oh, and there was someone in the spa (which is important).

They get out and leave and I start bitching about how people break stuff. I have everything on in the pool and about to take off (thank god for lane lines), when the person from the spa comes over to inform me that the two teenagers that were in the pool attempting to fix the lane bouy (is that what they call it?) were the ones that broke it!!! Supposedly they had been horsing around in the pool, cannonballs, etc... and one of them laid on or landed on the line and broke it at the connection. I later found out from mgmt that it was going to cost $400 to fix. The wire line snapped at the connection. Nice to know that my monthly gym fee is going towards something.

Mgmt did say though that they water aerobics class would love it since that is one less lane bouy that they would have to take out and put back in the pool.

Great! Thanks a whole bunch spa guy..... Don't go tell any of the mgmt or sales team about it, don't yell at them for doing something wrong, just wait and tell me after they leave the building and I get in the pool so none of us can do anything about it.

I told the management about it after I left for the evening, and I told them I would be on the lookout for them if I saw either of them again. By the way this is a well renowned adult gym (LA Fitness), not some fly by night outfit for immature teens to play at. I am sure that their parents are paying for the membership, and will never find out about this (unless I catch them, and I will).

I will have some pictures for you posted tomorrow of my new gear (aerobars and some cool bike socks I could not be without!!!). If anyone has any suggestions on one of these free picture sites, please let me know so that i can get one going.

I have seen flickr as well as the blogger pic site. I also want to do a big overhaul of my blog, to catch up with all the big fish (i.e. banner, pics, opinion polls, etc) to make it more appealing. I think it is just the natural evolution of things. You get started with something and then feel accomplished, and after awhile just doing it is not good enough, you want to do better. Hmmm, that quote might work well in triathlon as well as in life in general.........


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Last Weekend of Summer (During Winter!!!)


Andy got his groove back!!! This is my first official week into the 2007 season (although about 10 weeks late). I don't consider this a big deal though, since as amateur triathletes, we can make our own race schedule. I don't think it is really going to affect my race schedule that much, but we shall see.

Yesterday was beautiful here in Georgia. Flowers are in bloom, it was almost 70 degrees, you would think it was spring time with the Masters around the corner in Augusta. Nope. It was January 13th. I'll take it. I hate riding in cold weather so much, that I acutally do not do it. I then go inside to spinning classes.

Here are my stats for yesterday

Location: SCTrail, Georiga
Time: 1 hr, 17 min 6 sec
Distance: 22.6 miles
Avg Speed: 17.5 mph
Max Speed: 25.4 mph

I had one section where I was pulling about 22mph for at least two miles. It was a very slight downhill, kind of a false flat but going down rather than up. Completely rocked some guy with a carbon Quintanna Roo with Zipp 404's yesterday, but to give him credit, he was probably on a light training ride whilst I was busting my butt.

I don't know if I will be out today or not, since I have plans with my best friend and his wife for the afternoon. I have tomorrow off for MLK Day (I love bank holidays), and I will get out there in the morning, it should be fairly quiet since some people still work on the Holiday.

It's great to finally be back, now I just need to see what all the rest of you are up to. It seems now I look at so many blogs/podcasts, that I am burning at least 10 hours a week looking at them. It is well worth it!


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I turned to the Dark (USAT) Side!!!


So today I sat down and look at my potential schedule for my 3rd triathlon season, and saw how many races that I wanted to attempt to complete...

It's that $9 fee!!! The previous two years, I have only done just enough races for it to economically not make sense to sign up with the USAT. At this point in time, joining the USAT is only for economic reasons, up until the time that the organization actually has something to contribute, OR, I become a semi-pro/pro athlete where being in the points system to qualify for nationals and/or worlds would be worth it. If you look at my blog, I am planning to do 6 races, and possibly more. That would pay for my entry fee about 1.5 times in saving $9 per race.

Its Official!!! For the first time (and probably not the last) in my now 3rd season of being a triathlete, I am an official member of USA Triathlon. I am granted all the rights and responsibilities that come along with being a member of USAT.

More to follow.....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

OK, My posting (and training) has become ridiculous

Hi Everyone,

So after I have told everyone I am back on the posting (and training) bandwagon, I suck it up once again. Last actual day of training was December 23rd, which was around the last time of my posting.

I was going to go and swim tonight, but I really wanted to watch the Orange Bowl, and I am listening to the Tri Geek Dreams Podcast right now (most recent one). After last night's football game, I am all about some football where teams come from nowhere (Louisville, Wake Forest, Boise State).

So here are my stats from December 23rd. I was out with Kevin (GA Tech Cycling team), and it was really, really windy, but our average came out better than expected.

Course: Silver Comet Trail - Georgia
Time: 1:12:25
Distance: 20.86mi
Avg Speed: 17.2 mph
Max Speed: 25.3 mph (this was on flat ground actually, don't ask me how this happened in windy weather, because I do not remember).

Yes, I am the biggest slack ass you guys (and gals) know. I have been thinking, I am going to try working on my training schedule the rest of the week, and then (FINALLY, LAZY BUTT!) start my 2007 season (officially) over the weekend.

I really need to get my schedule and training under control, and then I will be able to better execute when I actually have a plan. (See I am now writing the rest of this a day later).

Alright I am going to bed now, worked both jobs today.