Monday, July 17, 2006

"Back in the Saddle Again...."

Hi Everyone,

Well it seems that I am back in my old training grove and I love it. Normally Monday is my day off every week, although I do go and workout some weeks, and some weeks I do not. I was headed to the gym tonight, and for some reason my brain was like, "C'mon you really, really, really want to go swimming tonight, and put some laps in before you lift weights!"

The funny part was that sounded pretty good. So here is what happened. By the way I am going to plug my gym for free LA Fitness, I love them. Classes are free with your gym membership, and they also have everything inlcuding pool (important for triathletes!), racquetball, basketball, spin class (winter training), etc... Suprisingly they are cheaper than the "Y" in Atlanta, even with the initiation fee in the beginning, if you average it out in the long run (I have been going there for two years now).

50 M Sides (25M left, 25M right)
100 M warmup freestyle
10 X 100 M freestyle speed drills (averaging 45-50 seconds per 50M)
50 M breaststroke cool down



4 Sets Chest and Back (2 Chest and 2 Back)
7-10 minutes worth of stretching total, should have been more, but hey, at least I did some.

Foot is still bothering me, I am about to put ice and compression on it after I throw this load of white wash in the dryer, and then I am going to read some more of Robert Jordan's "The Dragon Reborn" (Book 3 in the wheel of time series).

It was a hot day in Atlanta, but I was inside most of the day and did not notice too much. When I was outside I was in the shade and my car was parked in the lower level of the parking lot, so it was in the shade as well. If I ever get a car with leather seats, I am going to have a job with covered parking, or I am going to have to figure something out, because I am not going to burn the begeesus out of me.

I have been reading August's issue of Triathlete Magazine, and I have been quite impressed with some of the articles, especially the piece on Peter Reid retiring. It also gives me hope, since I did start training much later in life than him, he did not really break out until age 26-27, which is where I am at right now. Needless to say that I am not ready to "break out" yet, but there is still hope.

Question: Do you guys enjoy the new training guides (12-16 week specific programs) or previous year's issues with the ongoing training programs week by week (4 weeks per issue)? Please post and let me know.

Talk to "y'all" later,


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