Friday, July 21, 2006

"Gearing Up..." (For the Weekend)


Let me tell you for some reason it has been a strange week. Monday/Tuesday were good training days (not the best mind you, but good) and for some reason Wednesday and Thursday fell apart. Wednesday was a scheduling issue crossed with the fact that I did not get too much sleep Tuesday night. Thursday was due to the fact that I went with my co-workers to martini night at Taurus in Atlanta (basically it is in the same complex as the bank, we went straight from work). So here we are at Friday, with three days left in the week, and roughly 35 days until the Peachtree City Triathlon. I am not sure if they have had their second sell out yet, I will have to go check out the updates at their website.

My good friend's (and fraternity brother) birthday is today, so we are going out after I go to the gym (swimming tonight). I am going to put in a ride at the Silver Comet trail this weekend, and I might try to sneak in a 1/2 Sandy Springs loop with Jackie, since she needs some extra training with hills. Really it is just that she needs to be broken in. Maybe I can get Kevin out there with us on Sunday. He will kick my butt, which is what I need. Last time he came out and rode, he had me do a 3 mile sprint @ 28mph. Yes the entire three miles, and then we sprinted the last two miles when we finished. The really sad part was that he must have larger cassettes than me because it APPEARED that he was in a smaller gear than me, but I was having trouble keeping up. Oh wait, he is on the Georgia Tech cycling team. Yeah I forgot to tell you guys that tidbit of info.

I am also going to try and begin running again this weekend. It seems that the beast that is plantar fasciitis has subsided for the time being, and so I am going to try and pick it up. That I believe will be the hardest for me to get down on my time for the sprint triathlon in August (see link above).

In other news I might be able to use what is left of my bonus money (which will not be much, I have had some personal emergencies which have left me in a small hole), I might be able to get a few things on my Summer Christmas list that I posted last week. Most likely, it will be aerobars, and we shall see if we can fit anything else into that mix, but not likely. Shoes will probably be the other one, I really needs some new running shoes (and work shoes.)

I will keep you guys posted over the weekend, and we shall see what happens!



Bolder said...

thanks for linking me Andy, i'm both flattered and humbled.

good luck with the Peachtree!

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