Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas (in my head)...

Hello Everyone (what in the hell am I talking about, I have had like one post from Sheila since I have started this thing),

So.... I only have one (possibly two) more races before my 2006 season is over. I know that I have not been as active as some of you in your tri seasons, but this is only my second year, and my first began back in JUNE of last year. Actually that would only make it a year and a half, but who is counting, if not me? Looking at my small season for my second year, and the tons of training that I have done at my level, I have begun making a mental list of things I need to do, or purchase to improve my "game."

How did I come up with today's title? Well between thinking of things that I want (that actually happens year round, not just Christmas), and the fact that one of my Fraternity brother's friends is having a Christmas in July party this Friday, there you go. What have I come up with so far??? Here is a preliminary list... If you people out there have any input, please let me know.

1) No new bike next year, due to some financial diffuculty that I have run into recently (I was gunning for the Cervelo P2C ~ $3600) so I will have to improvise with the bike that I currently have.
a) Aerobars - I am really digging the profile design version that has the spring loaded pads that go up when you are not using them. That way when I am on group rides that do not require them, I will not have to worry about the pads getting in the way ~ $90.00
b) (Option, I will explain later) Computer for the bike. I feel that I am at the training level now where I need to know how fast I am going, exact distance, etc... on my bike. Can get as cheap as $30.00
c) Better "bag" setup. I have seen many triathletes with their rear bag setup, and let me tell you it is like fingerprints, everyone has their own style. I need to get a tube/CO2 cartridge setup, along with the few tools that I do have. ANY SUGGESSTIONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THIS AREA!!! ~$???
d) Wheels - again, looking at the reasons I cannot buy a new bike under #1, I am limited in getting things like ZIPP wheels and such. I have been looking at some Bontrager wheels that are more aero and lighter than the stock wheels I have on my Bike ('05 Specialized Allez). ~$425

2) Other - Well I will just put everything else in here, since outside of the bike, it is just personal equipment and clothing.
a) I usually buy one new outfit every year. My Pearl Izumi Tri shorts are beginning to go, so I am going to need to get some new ones next year. I will probably get a new pair of those, as well as another tri shirt, different color, and some new socks. ~$100-150
b) My OWN team Jersey!!! I created a Jersey through the Sugoi company that has my company logo on it, and they are not opposed to the advertisement. The only problem is that I would have to buy 12 jerseys and it is going to cost at least 400 dollars. I really really want to do this, but I will have to wait until I get some bonus money or something. It would be cheaper to join a team, but there is really not a well put together team in the Atlanta area right now, except All3Sports, and I am not quite good enough yet to join.
c) HRM/Pace watch... - I am looking at either Garmin or Polar. Polar has been around longer and has more choices, but Garmin has the GPS tracking and such, so if you are going to spend the $300 plus on the Polar equipment, you might as well go with the Garmin instead. The only drawback is that it is much bigger on your arm than the comparable Polar models ~$300+
d) New Shoes! I am going to head to Fleet Feet Sports this time and have them electronically mold my foot, and then try out a shoe that fits my foot type well. I have decided to quit being a branded foot person. I dont care anymore what brand I wear, unless they are sponsoring me, and no one is at this time. ~$80-100

By the way, I have no problem with going to EBAY or Craigslist to find stuff. I am always in the mood for a deal if the equipment is in good condition.


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Jessi said...

Hey Andy,

Just catching up on some of your previous posts and I noticed your Xmas list...

P2C is my dream bike too, but in the meantime I got some aero bars for my road bike.

I got profile aero bars and also got a profile water bottle, which means that now I do not necessarily need to put liquid in the bottle on my down tube.

Why do you care? Because I plan on putting my CO2, spare tube, and levers in the caged water bottle instead. This is pretty common and might be worth trying. So maybe that will help answer your question about "bag" set-up.