Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hump Day... Nothing Interesting...


Well it is Wednesday. I stayed up a bit late last night, so I am kinda tired this morning. I believe that there will be a "cat nap" this afternoon. It was hot out last night for the Sandy Springs ride!!! It must have been high 80's/low 90's for that time of day, and I am sure that is why the whole group was not there last night. Someone also decided to bring their "A" game (more like their "A" equipment) to the ride. "Buddy" (I don't know his real name) came rolling in on a Cervelo P3 Carbon, with super light wheels (forget brand, I will have to remember). So with the swag that was on his bike, he probably spent upwards of $7000 on his bike. I hope that he can back it up. I do not plan on getting equipment that expensive until I actually start throwing medals and trophies up on the mantel.

I finished the ride in 1hr 38min 07 seconds. I can see that my average time is now dropping below 1hr 40 min, which is good. I got to Chastain Park loop at the end of the ride, and I was so close to quitting, and then something kept me going to finish. I am still employing the new tactic of using the old grandpa ring on steep hills, unless I deem the hill short enough to just push a bit harder up the hill

No stretching last night, that was a big mistake! I got a cramp when I was sitting down last night. Sleep was horrible last night. I went to bed @ 11:00p, and I think I got an hour or two of sleep max. Usually the problem was that the place is too hot, but I finally broke down last week and instead of running the A/C 3 times a day to save money, I put it on auto and just jacked up the thermostat while I am not home. I talked to Dad last night, and grandpa Jim is feeling better and should be back working the ranch in about 3 weeks. I will post that on my other blog,

Tonight is supposed to be running and swimming. My foot is feeling a bit better, so I might try out 10-15 minutes and we shall see what happens. First thing though is to make it through today and then go home to take a nap!


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